Winner Of Valentine’s Day Short Story Contest: Nostalgia

  Nostalgia by DEEPTI KHATRI


You have one friend request. “Confirm” he clicked without giving a thought amidst work at the office.

She: “Hey, Happy New Year!”

Should I reply, Should I not, he wondered.

He: “Same to you.”


She: “I thought my wish was worth a smiley at least.”

He: “J”


She: “Do you talk only when instructed?”

Who is this girl? Does she know me? I am going to land myself into another mess.

I won’t reply anymore, he finally decided.

But deep down, he couldn’t stop himself from replying.

He: “Hahaha, No”


She: “ You seem quite interesting.”

This girl converses a lot in English. It’s getting tougher with every statement. No more now, I will just say a Bye and leave.

She: “Mr. Busy, what are you thinking? I am not that clumsy to talk to. Reply at least.”


He: “Talk to you later. Bye!”

Next morning,

She: “Hello Mr. Busy! What’s up?”


He: “Nothing, just occupied at work and by the way, why do you call me Mr. busy? I don’t like it.”

She: “This name suits you perfectly. You are always busy.”


He: “No, I am not.”

She: “Okay then, if you are not busy and now that we are friends then let’s play a game.”


He: “What game?”

She: “Truth n Dare, but as it is in text so may be Truth n Truth.”


He: “No, I have some work at office.”

She: “Now you are running away, Scared!!”


He: “Okay fine. Start”

She: “Your favorite color?”


He: “Blue”


She: “Its, Black”

“Favorite Movie?”


He: “Ghajni”


She: “:D :D”


He: “Why are you laughing?”

She: “I have never thought of a person whose favorite movie would be Ghajni.”


He: “Oh! C’mon, it is so touching. Anyways, what’s your favorite?”

She: “Well, there are many I like. Nothing in particular.”

Your favorite season?”


He: “Spring”

She: “You are in a way too strange.”


He: “Why?”

She: “I mean, a person usually likes rains or winters, I wonder, is spring even a season!”


He: “You might find me strange but I really like it when after those three months of extreme winters, there is fluorescent sunshine and breezy atmosphere all around.”

She: “Quite deep. I like it.”


Three years and in these three years she had a beautiful life, having someone to notice and remember everything about. The glitter in her eyes, the dish he always ordered, the sweater he wore on his last birthday, the name of his siblings, his office mates, his riding speed and what not. There was togetherness beyond infinity.


But Life is not the same till blue in the face.

37 months later, just like any other day at office, her friends force her to come along for a walk after lunch at a park nearby.

As they walk through the lanes, light breeze blows, her hair block her view.

Right then, she heard someone say, “I think the spring season is on.”

She checks the calendar, its 1st February today.

She enshrines their first conversation, their first truth n dare game, and remembers, springs made him lively.

On the other hand, Mr. Busy, 500 kms away, is just too busy distributing wedding cards of his own marriage which is 18 days from today, and his fiancé has no idea about the season he loves the most.

“Springs still remind me of you. You chose your favorite time of the year to get married, and this makes me happy for you.” She types in the message box, reads it twice, clears the text and walks back to the office.


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