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Gift A Precious Jewelry To Your Lady Love This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day collection launch by Pretios and Avama Jewellers

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we are sure you must try to figure it out hard the precious gifts you would like to gift your special one. As it is the perfect day to express your love, and the gift of jewelry is something your lady love will always appreciate. Unlike bouquet or candy, jewelry is a gift that will last and will create a beautiful memory as well. We bring two jewelry labels which offer amazing collection without burning a hole in your pocket.

Pretios: It offers exclusive designs and premium quality of the finesse of classic and contemporary jewelry. The label is an attempt to bring the classical touch innate to the very roots of our civilization. The collection has subtle and bold fine jewelry combinations of Swarovski and coloured gemstones to suit any outfit.

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Pretios ring


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Pretios bracelet

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Pretios Earrings


Avama: You can count on AVAMA JEWELLERS to have the perfect gift of jewelry for the one you love. The collection of exceptional jewelry includes thoughtful designs for every taste and every style.

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Avama ring

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Avama Pendant

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