5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Though, every day should be a celebration of love and relationship for any couple, many believe in celebrating the essence of love in a special way on February 14th aka Valentine’s Day. Though it is in vogue among the teenagers or young couples, now-a-days, V-Day is for EVERYONE. Everyone gets a day of fun and excitement and wants to celebrate in their own way. Valentines Day has been there for a few decades now, and the craze seems to be growing by the day.     


A Day of Love

From giving a red rose to buying gifts to dedicating songs to portrayal in movies and serials to mega events to innovative gifts, V-Day has transformed a lot in time. Keeping the essence of love and celebration intact, it has now been commercialized a lot of businesses and brands to make it more enticing and appealing. Though many innovative and creative ways are available both online and offline to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you might want to take a look at these unique ways of your own to celebrate this day with your loved one.

Spell your LOVE: You can either write poem or verses with each letter of your partner’s name or give them clues every day as a countdown till V-day according to the number of alphabets in their name. Or you can spell the letters of love and explain what it means to you. Basically, you can play with alphabets and letters in your own way. You can do this one with each other’s good and bad qualities as well- tell them what you admire and what you want to change.

212What does LOVE mean to you? 

Volunteer Together: You and your partner can volunteer for something together like learning a new skill or joining Zumba classes or join some social service endeavour or anything that both of you enjoy doing. This way you can share your love not only for a single day, but start a life long bonding all over again. It can be something, which benefits both of you like your health or your well-being, etc.

latest-Love-Couples-images-for-boys-profile-pictureSpending time together is Love

Go for a couple’s retreat: One of the main catalysts of a healthy and lovely relationship is to spend time with each other and communicate. And, what better than to take a break and go on a couple’s retreat, just the two of you. Enjoy a stress-free weekend getaway or rent a couple service for a day like spa or any adventure sports, etc. This is also a good way to revive and strengthen your bond.

love-5Finding Love all over again

Get the worst gift… just joking: Well, this one can be interesting. You might want to give unimpressive or bad gifts to your partner since morning, and ‘save the best for the last’. Your partner will get agitated, and a bit irritated too. But, when you disclose the ultimate surprise, their reaction will be to die for. However, choose the gifts carefully so that you don’t drive your partner crazy. Try this, and let us know how it worked out for you.

best-valentine-imagesShow your love with gifts

Role Change: Personally, I want to try this one for sure. Don’t take this in a revenge mode, rather enjoy it as a fun game. For a day, you can exchange roles with your partner and be in their shoes. This is also a good way to understand each other and respect each other’s feelings and emotions. It will help your love to grow and also give space to each other in your relationship.

best-valentines-day-sayingsUnderstanding each other is Love

Everyone has own unique ways to express love and care for their loved ones. And, the best way to express it is to ‘FOLLOW YOUR HEART’. Sometimes a simple hug, a few words, a smile or sitting together on the couch listening to romantic songs or things as simple as these can make your day special.


Love is in the air…celebrate it

So, it is always not necessary to follow the trends, rather follow your heart. And, remember that there is no age to celebrate love. So, celebrate love, anytime, anywhere, not just for a single day. And, for those who have planned something special for this day, don’t forget to share your experiences.

Always remember, your loved one will always be special and will love you back, no matter what you do/don’t do on this day.

Signing off, Wishing you all a happy and lovely Valentine’s Day.

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