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The Power Of Social Media In Changing The Society For The Better- #MeToo Movement

The Social Media Movement #MeToo Helps Women Call Out Their Past Tormentors: A Voice, #MeToo!


The ‘MeToo’ movement via social media has been effective enough to take cognisance of the number of people who are subjected to sexual harassment. The safety of the comfort from the home and office, with support from friends, you can fearlessly speak the truth. It is lettered as is were for people to see and right there for people to support if they believe in the cause for fighting against sexual harassment.  If these very same women went to a police station and other resources, would the names that were spilt, have ever seen the print. The pen is mightier than the sword, as the saying goes, through social media you can euphemistically file an information report without impediment or a cover-up from strongholds.



Social Media Is A Conducive Platform For Redressal


Honesty is a little hard to digest, but such honesty is possible when there is a conducive platform, and social media is one such for redressal. Famous names have been exposed. Had the same women reached any other platform, the phone calls would have been made, and the newspapers too are barons, they sometimes stand on their own.  Redemption time seems here, because of the movement. Yet, there are other social structures, with the dominance of the patriarchal male, still ruling the roost, and now these allegations need to be furthered via police FIRs and faith in criminal justice processes. These should prove supportive now with the social media glare. Social media has been the best platform in the recent past, it has forced law enforcers to take cognitive steps, like in the Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case -2012, Kathua Rape case – 2018 and others. The Sitapur Gang Rape Case is an example of how unsafe women really are.


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The Urban Factor And Social Media


The world has evolved into an organized, educated and futuristic in revolutionary thinking. Yet the gender equality remains askance, by the number of sexual favours men demand, to render what is due to women. There is a generic superimposition of masculinity and with it all that entails, like sexual harassment and sexual favours, for what is otherwise rightfully due to women. But women too have changed, in order to nurture and to enhance their chances they are not averse to sexual favours. If there is equality in the asking and wanting, then there is fairness. But to make it a system and undermine aspiring women is sexual harassment. It is more rampant in the developing world and taken for granted as well as endorsed. This is due to the fact that there is no gender equality, socially as well as economically, Global Citizen observes. Until women represent themselves in every sphere equally, the numbers are against them.



Harder Facts Via Social Media From Rural Areas


While we scream hoarse #MeToo, there are harder factors to contend with. Women, especially in the developing nations, suffer more due to lesser knowledge and skills, while they work harder than their men, on farmlands and at other jobs for a living, as Oxfam New Zealand has observed. Social media is aiding in the way these situations of women are shared and assessed. Social awareness through social media will add value to these endeavours, alleviating women problems. During price rise and famine, the women sacrifice more than men. Therefore, let us not undermine #MeToo, which is a serious outcry! It has begun because of frustration from sexual abuse, but then the underlying facts as to why sexual abuse is almost systemic in certain workplaces, fields, and universally more subjected to women needs a remedy.


BananiVista, #MeToo

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If Not For The Media Who Would Have Heard These Voices?


Fifty percent of the population that make up the male ratio. Of them, a huge percentage is not willing to acknowledge the #MeToo movement, at all. They are in denial. The percentage that is guilty has its eyes shut, hoping it is a bad dream. Perhaps, penning another bestseller with witty rejoinders, will make things better? How can so many women be the victim of sexual harassment is the question now asked, by men and sadly even some women. Take a look at the census by CASA Forum, Australia, on sexual abuse ratio of men and women and the answers, will be found on who the perpetrators are! Women are being heard only because they have a platform now.



Not Just A Social Media Trend- Justice By It


Social media has now grown into a tool, really. This has empowered women to seek justice as well. While the social media is there, the other law-keepers need to pull their socks up. #MeToo will indeed induce the setting up of fast track courts quickly. There should be better police dependence available, at such times. There was mass molestation of women on the Eve of 2017 in Bengaluru on MG Road. The police commissioner or the home minister gave no assurances and blamed the skimpy clothes for it. Until the social media began its voice and criticism.


Social media has come to play a vital role. The versatility is that we can link relevant reads. There are applicable topics and advice available instantly via social media. #MeToo is here to stay. Guys cut out the jokes and zip-up! As much as you may want to design,- there are no two fates! #MeToo is clear on that!


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