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 Sejal Shah, Co-Founder Maia Restaurant – Eat Bake Mom

 Sejal Shah the co-founder of Maia Restaurant in Bellandur, Bengaluru has brought to the forefront, ‘the Farm To Fork Philosophy,’ and serves pure vegetarian food. A miracle woman in her own right for her deeds speak for her varied skills and her aura conveys her magnanimity in silence.  Sejal is someone who is conventionally complete yet has an unconventional spark; Sejal wields magic with her natural charm. A self-taught chef; she has been credited with delectable aromas that tantalize the taste buds and make people addictive to her warm slices of bread and delicious cuisines. She has mastered cooking but that’s not all. Papercraft and glass painting make up the other artistic half. Sejal is a registered teacher for Pebeo (a leader in glass paints) and her quest to excel led her to teach arts at The Valley School KFI for 3 years.

Maia Restaurant Is Sejal's Dream Come True

Maia Restaurant Is Sejal’s Dream Come True


Maia Restaurant in Bellandur, Bengaluru is a dream come true for it is a tastefully created restaurant that savors the five senses of one and all. Let us trace her journey for Sejal Shah has left imprints on many a hearts with Maia- Eat Bake Mom.


  • The Hardworking Home-Chef

‘ Sejal Shah-The kitchen-alchemist who seasons with love’  

Cooking was a natural skill that Sejal Shah perfected with constant practice. Her baking skills filled her home with the aroma of freshly baked bread, her sprinklers contain the fine blend of seasonings that add flavor to various cuisines and the cheese that she crafts have a taste that is savored with delight.


Maia-Eat Bake Mom- An Eating Experience With A Dash Of Love

Maia-Eat Bake Mom- An Eating Experience With A Dash Of Love


  • Small Beginning: Wholesome Food Venture

‘It’s not just food for Sejal stirs magic.’

Sejal Shah came to be associated with finger-licking cuisines, freshly baked items and the aroma of good food that brought a smile and spread warmth in hearts of many. No wonder her venture is famous as Maia-Eat Bake Mom. Encouraged with an extremely positive feedback, she started taking orders for artisan bread, mouth-watering dishes and varied aromatic food items that glazed the taste buds with addictive flavours.


Maia-Eat Bake Mom Is A Vegetarian Restaurant in Bengaluru that Charms With Aesthetic Decor. BananiVista

Maia-Eat Bake Mom Charms With Aesthetic Decor


  • The Leader Drenched In Virtues

‘She lends support to lengthen the chain of humanity.’


Maia Restaurant Offers The Perfect Ambiance

Maia Restaurant Offers The Perfect Ambiance


  • Harbinger Of Farm To Fork Philosophy

   Maia-Eat Bake Mom is welfare oriented in its philosophy’

Empathetic that she is, Sejal Shah believes in the ‘Farm to Fork Philosophy’. Maia procures vegetables, pulses, and ingredients from farmers in Karnataka and neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. Like this, she ensures an extra 35% more income that usually is shelled out from the farmer’s pocket to serve the middle men. ‘Ann Data Sukhi Bhava’ is her noble mantra behind the welfare initiative that forms the basis of her ‘Farm to Fork Philosophy.’


Maia Restaurant Supports Farm To Fork Philosophy

Maia Restaurant Supports Farm To Fork Philosophy


  • Wholesome Quality Provider

‘Maia Spreads Aroma And Serves Lingering Freshness’

The hallmark of the food served at Maia-Eat Bake Mom is that it is an eating experience for it is wholesome, made with a lot of warmth and love by using the prime ingredients. Sejal Shah is a name to reckon with for she serves taste, quality, and newness in her lip-smacking recipes that spell home, love and care.


Maia Appeals With Its Warmth And Comfort

Maia Appeals With Its Warmth And Comfort


  •  Maia  Restaurant In Bellander, Bengaluru: A Sneak-Peak

‘Years Of Delectable Toil Dressed Up As Maia- Eat Bake Mom’

Maia is Sejal’s mission that reflects her service-oriented ambition. The 5000+ sqft restaurant has over 130 covers across three levels. These are spread over an alfresco dining area by a water body and open-to-air decks on the levels above.  Maia houses the following spaces.


Mother’s Cook Studio- Cooking workshops by mothers and for mothers are conducted here.


Maia Restaurant Serves Delectable Food And Shares Recipes

Maia Restaurant Serves Delectable Food And Shares Recipes


Patisserie- Caters to people who want to buy breads and confectionery.


Nursing Station- is a private space for moms to nurse their babies or change diapers. It is well stocked with baby care products.


Recipe Repository- A recipe centre from mothers across India. Guests get the freedom to note down the recipes to try at home. Mothers can also submit their recipes and see them feature on MAIA’s menu.


Cheese Making Den- Cheese would be made in-house. Occasionally cheese making sessions would be conducted by Sejal.


Cheese Making Session With Sejal Shah

Cheese Making Session With Sejal Shah


Retail Space- This will store the homemade spices, pickles, jams etc by the mothers which the guests could purchase.


Banquet Hall- This is a beautifully designed space for private parties that can accommodate up to 50 people.


Pet-friendly place- Soon they are going to launch dog menu.


Maia- Eat Bake Mom Is For The Mothers And By The Mothers

Maia- Eat Bake Mom Is For The Mothers And By The Mothers


 Sejal Shah, Co-Founder Maia – Eat Bake Mom is an epitome of grace for she embraces the people in her journey and creates opportunities for all, empowers other women, makes motherhood easier by providing a child-friendly space where mothers can unwind, relax and find themselves.  Sejal Shah defines success in originality, promotes virtues through role modeling and offers courage to continue and cross mental barriers that follow motherhood so often. She is the energy of inspiration, the glow of warmth and the passion to press on for she is a phenomenal woman.


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