Warren Buffett's Favourite Book

Warren Buffett’s Favourite Book


Reading habits determine our nature and what we want from life. If peace is our nature then books that enhance patience will be part of our daily life. No doubt we devour spiritual books that are a source of wisdom and light. Books shower knowledge, ideas and focus on our choice of life. Reading habits cannot be forced for they are above distinction based on class, gender ,race or age groups. Readings habits over a period of time determine individual psyche for we have cravings of a particular type.


Let’s peep into the lives of billionaires to know about the kind of books that determined their life.




Mukesh Ambani , Chairman and MD - Reliance Industries

Mukesh Ambani , Chairman and MD – Reliance Industries


 Ambition rides on the wind and its masters opt to be educated and not entertained. They look upon books for ideas and more ideas for learning through pain as well as gain.


Mukesh Ambani  is the richest person in India with a fortune estimated at  tens of billions of dollars. He reads management books passionately and applies the lessons in his business.




Bill Gates Recommends Books To  Succeed

Bill Gates Recommends Books To  Succeed


Real life stories of great leaders and businessmen inspire and encourage the aspiring game changers for they wish to learn how the successful paved their way through challenges and failures. Bill Gates loved “Tap Dancing To Work,” a collection of essays by Warren Buffett that bring to fore his visions and investment vision.




For some reading is all about gathering facts and information. “We don’t read other people’s opinions,” he says. “We want to get the facts, and then think.” Yes! Warren Buffett spends a lot of time reading since his youth. At 19 years of age, he read legendary Wall Streeter Benjamin Graham’s “Intelligent Investor,” that according to him gave him the intellectual framework of investing.




Business Adventures

Business Adventures


Big boots call for courage and valour through good times as well as not so good times. For Bill Gates the best business book is the one and only Business Adventures by John Brooks that contains his essays about why various companies saw success or failure.


Reading books is nothing short of an exploration. It is the most cherished hobby. No wonder, parents, teachers and even psychologists recommend this as an important pursuit. Dr Malar Suresh, a Clinical Psychologist, formerly with St. Stevens College, University of Delhi feels that “Reading rejuvenates our mind and improves quality of life. It enhances our thoughts and helps us to stay focused in life. Reading provides introspection and helps to analyze our strengths, weakness and leads to better understanding of concepts and hence enlarged frame of mind.”

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