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A Candid Talk With Punya Arora, An Indian Female Comedy Queen And A People Photographer

Meet The Stand-up Comedy Queen From Bangalore


Love spending the weekend over rounds of great tipple and rib-tickling comedy? Chances are, you wouldn’t have missed out on stand-up girl Punya Arora’s witty take on just about everything! Her stand-up specials are not just a crowd puller, but is totally paisa vasool! She is a Punjabi by nature and South-Indian at heart and a self-proclaimed Biryani connoisseur! She does light-hearted comedy and often talks in multiple accents. She has performed on every major stand-up platforms all over India and has also been covered by print, radio, Buzzfeed and Huffington post India. She loves underwater photography, travelling and life in general. She is also a professional photographer and a visiting faculty at Light & Life Academy, Ooty. In a candid chat, she tells us more…


BananiVista, comedy

The vibrant and energetic Punya Arora


BV: Describe your comedy in four words.

Punya: Ideally, this answer should be ‘Brevity isn’t for me!’ 🙂 but if I have to pick 4 words I’d say Honest, Energetic, Interesting and Entertaining.

BV: Was stand-up comedy always on your mind?

Punya: As a profession, no. I did always enjoy watching comedy, but it becoming a career for me happened by chance. I always say ‘I didn’t choose comedy, Comedy chose me’

BV: What are some of the other things you are equally passionate about?

Punya: I’m also a professional photographer and have specialised in people photography (on land and underwater) and I’m equally passionate about this and comedy.
BananiVista, comedy

Redefining comedy


BV: What is that one thing that keeps you going on a bad day? 

Punya: My mother. She’s one of the most positive people I know and her faith, positivity and encouragement always keep me going!

BV: How important is it for you to strike a balance between work and play? Are you a workaholic?

Punya: I enjoy my work so much that even when it gets hectic, to me it qualifies as play. But I do believe in downtime and take time to be by myself often to rest and rejuvenate. I’m not sure if I should call myself a workaholic, but I work hard and definitely hustle harder and do not stop till I have achieved any goal that I have set out for myself.

BV: Your fashion sense is incredible. What’s your personal style Mantra? 

Punya: Thank you so much!! 🙂 I don’t know if I have a style mantra as such, but I do wear my colours according to my mood! Although I’m extremely fond of shoes and have over 60 pairs I think! Sometimes I’ll wear an outfit just based on the shoes I want to wear on a particular day!
In terms of brands, I think I can safely say I swear by Zara. It is my absolute favourite at the moment!
BananiVista, comedy

Punya Arora


BV: What next? 

Punya: I wouldn’t even know where to begin, I always have so many things planned and goals set for myself. But in the immediate future, I’ve been working on my standup special, trial shows of which are going to begin soon and then will be touring with the special. I’m off to Dubai for a show next week and that’s going to be my first time performing there so I’m really excited about that as well. And some of my newer photography work will be up online by the end of this year. 
I’ll just leave it at that because if I continue listing this will go on!
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