Meet the Mothers Behind The Parties – Jamboree Party Planners!

Two mothers who can plan and spice up any party!


Don’t you just love theme parties? Beautiful props, lovely decor, colourful eateries, creative games, recreational shows and so many fun elements. Trust me, it is hard work.


Today, we bring you face to face with two mothers, who didn’t take motherhood as an end of their dreams. Rather, they discovered a unique creative passion together. They decided to give their dreams a second chance. Together, they created something.


Jamboree Party Planners was founded by Sruthy Tresa Antony and Neelakshi Ashwin in January 2014. They are mothers, based in Bangalore and currently running this event management firm. Their venture caters to customised themed parties. Though they are open to doing all kind of parties, their primary focus has been kids birthday parties. They undertake complete end-to-end parties from the décor to entertainment, activities, goodies, gift bags, gifts, cake, furnishing, and photography. Till date, they have catered to over 50 themed parties in Bangalore. With at least 2 events in a month, they are one of the most sought-after party planners in Bangalore.


Jamboree believes in...

Jamboree believes in…


BV: How did Jamboree start? Tell us something about the team.

[Sruthy]: We are really good friends and our kids are of the same age. We both had themed parties for our kids’ first birthday parties which did not turn out well. Nobody understood the concept of dessert tables and themed parties and as a result, nobody was able to deliver what we wanted. People just did balloon décor which was a big “no” for us. We decided to start doing complete end-to-end themed parties for kids. As mothers, we also understood things from a parent’s perspective. We let the creative juices flow and soon Jamboree was born in Jan 2014. Neelakshi and I complement each other well, and though we have a team to help us with the crafting and party setup, we are completely involved in everything from planning to crafting to party setup and coordination of the party.


BV: Tell us something about the most memorable events that you have conducted.

[Neelakshi]: Every event has been memorable to us, each in its own way. We try to make every party unique and special. Some parties have been really hectic and some have been a lot of fun. Our most memorable parties were the ones where our clients gave us full freedom to use our creativity to try out innovative ideas and themes. Our princess/prince themed parties started a trend in Bangalore. They are currently the most sought after themes.


Neelakshi on the job

Neelakshi on the job


BV: What were the biggest challenges you had faced when you started and how did you overcome them?

[Sruthy]: The biggest challenge was getting the word out and getting people to trust us with their parties.  Through our initial endeavors, we were able to build our portfolio. We concentrated on adding special touches to every party. We did unique themes to showcase our creativity.


[Neelakshi]: It was very difficult to get clients to understand that every party would be customized according to their requirements and that we didn’t have a fixed package and costing. People were not used to the concept of having a unique party designed just for them and their needs. We had to be patient and stick to what we believed in.


BV: What is the process of planning and management when you decide to plan an event?

[Neelakshi]: When we get a client inquiry, we send the client the basic quote which lists all our services. After a round of discussions, we meet the client at the venue to discuss the best options for the particular venue and theme. After the final quote has been decided, we start planning the party. We need at least two weeks to plan a party, right from the design to procurement of raw materials to crafting and setup.


BV: How has Jamboree impacted each of you in your personal and professional lives?

[Sruthy]: Jamboree has given us the opportunity to do something creative and showcase our talent in a special way. People didn’t take us seriously initially but we proved that we could make it work. It feels good to be appreciated for the hard work we do.


The duo busy with party setup

The duo busy with party setup


There are a lot of things to plan, coordinate and manage so that everything comes together nicely. We have learned a lot on the job and we have really pushed ourselves to the limit many times. The experience we have gained is amazing.


BV: How much time did it take to be recognized and established?  How easy or difficult is it to survive in the event management industry?

[Sruthy]: After 8 months, we did a big party for 500 guests. We worked day and night to make that party happen and there has been no looking back since then.

[Neelakshi]: All party planners cater to different groups of people. We believe that there is space for everyone to flourish. Nowadays everyone likes to celebrate every occasion and we like to contribute to our own style.


BV: Where do you see Jamboree in the next couple of years?

[Neelakshi]: We hope to continue doing great parties, and maybe expand beyond Bangalore.


The dynamic duo- Sruthy and Neelakshi

The dynamic duo- Sruthy and Neelakshi


Rapid Fire


1) Describe each team member with a line or phrase.

Sruthy: I am a perfectionist. I like everything to be in place according to the plan.


Sruthy on the job

Sruthy on the job


Neelakshi: I am level-headed. I can improvise when things don’t go according to plan.


2) Best customer compliment you have received.

[Jamboree]: A lot of clients have said that we seemed just like family to them as we did their parties with a lot of love and care


3) If not Jamboree, what do you think you guys have been doing.

[Neelakshi]: I would open my own hair studio and spa.

[Sruthy]: I would have my own blog.


4) One new thing you want to incorporate.

[Neelakshi]: A lot of clients call us for home-based parties. We hope to be able to supply crafted material and DIY décor that they can use to set up their parties on their own.


5) A piece of advice for budding Mompreneurs.

[Sruthy]: We are mothers first but we are also professionals. We work around our kid’s schedules to meet our deadlines, which usually results in us working crazy hours.  You have to be prepared to work harder to manage everything and you have to have a good support system in place.


With more than 2 years into the business now, there is no looking back for these mothers now. They will surely take Jamboree to great heights as one of the best themed party organizers in Bangalore. 


BananiVista wishes these mothers loads of success and achievements in their journey ahead!

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