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Monsoon Wedding Trends: Outfits For your Wedding

Having a Monsoon Wedding? Know How to dazzle up in your Wedding


The clouds and rains will be here soon, to wash away the heat of the weaning summer. With the auspicious times wheeling here, the wedding season is around the corner too. Let’s familiarize ourselves with what monsoon wedding trends to expect.


The monsoon sales will be up soon, are you confused with what to choose? Let us go through the monsoon wedding dresses that are bound to set a trend this time.


BananiVista, monsoon

Green in monsoon


The summer saw bright and warm colours, even to the extent of being hot. The winter brings in the cooler colours this time: blues and greens and light pastel shades.


The showers accentuate your rituals and you might as well play with colours and shades. This guide will tell you about the trends that are going to colour the monsoon this time.


Though blazing reds have always been a must wear for the bride for the marriage ceremony, you can play around for the mehendi ceremony. The wedding trends have been set by the recent marriages of Bollywood celebs Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor.


BananiVista, monsoon

The shades of red never go out of trend


Designer wear allows you to play with fabrics, colours, cuts and shades. You can opt for the flared lehenga with a short off shoulder blouse. Plush velvets are a go to. Contrasts seem to be the mantra this time. Bright shades of the cooler hues such as the blues and greens are the trendsetters. Goldwork is a must with this outfit. Gowns are a must have for the bride to be. Figure-hugging gowns with deep cuts are the show stoppers, of course with diamond jewellery to pair with. Stilettos are a must have to match with this kind of outfit for a trendy fashion statement.


With an immense fan following of the jewellery online, you might as well buy something that can accessorize your perfect outfit. Accessorizing online is a boon because you can go through countless collections before you decide the one that you want to buy.


BananiVista, monsoon

Accessories by Sabyasachi


As for the guys, you aren’t counted out! Here is your guide to your perfect wedding outfit. Sherwanis can never go out of fashion. This monsoon, experiment with colours and cuts. Breezy coloured waistcoats are the in thing. Gold embroidery accentuates your look.


Accessories? Of course! Yes! Bracelets are a must. A large diamond or sapphire to accentuate is going to be your showstopper. A large dialled watch to suit your likes too. Men’s shoes for the monsoon wedding season are setting new trends. Match tasteful formals for your reception suit and match the traditionally handcrafted mojaries with your traditional attire.


BananiVista, monsoon

Mojaries with Indian attire


Set cool new trends this monsoon with fresh hairstyles and makeup looks. Styled buns and chignons are a hot pick this time. For those who have long tresses, don’t forget to highlight and accentuate it with appropriate designer pins. Play around with cool shades to match or contrast your attire. Go bold with bright and matching lip colours to highlight your pouts. Set trends with new designs of jewellery.


Let us welcome the wedding season with fresh monsoon trends with a twist of mango pudding for the wedding reception.


BananiVista, monsoon

Look the best on your wedding day


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