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Meet The Face Behind Different Faces – Ajitabha Bose

In Conversation With Ajitabha Bose


Sometimes, life seems very hard! Everything is going wrong and you are struggling hard to somehow escape. This is the test you need to pass, else you fail for ever!


With the favorite quote from his diary, we bring to you an opportunity to take a sneak peek in the life of Ajitabha Bose. He is a bestselling author, filmmaker, designer and an entrepreneur. Based in Delhi, he is the man behind 4 books – It’s A Love Story (2013), The Pocket Love Story (2015), In Love With Shah Rukh Khan (2016) and The Bestseller (2017). He is the proud owner of BDL Studios, a renowned production house.


Ajitabha Bose

Ajitabha Bose


With so many things on his plates, Ajitabha is undoubtedly a powerhouse of talents. He is the think tank behind the pocketbooks in India. And with his novel idea, he revolutionized the concept of novels in India. He was featured in Limca Book of Records for contribution in literature and making the national record of India’s Smallest Love Story Book.


Here are the bytes from a candid conversation with Ajitabha Bose:


BV: We would love to dig on your passion for the quill. How does a pen strike a chord with your heart?

Ajitabha: I love creating and writing stories. There are many untold stories in this world and I believe, people should know each one of them. I write stories based on real-life incidents.


BV: You are recognized for your pocketbooks. Shed some light on how does this idea took form in your head?

Ajitabha: The idea of pocketbook came to me when I was traveling back to my hometown in the year 2015. I was reading a novel and there was a girl sitting next to me who was staring at the book. All of a sudden she said,” How do you read such fat books! These fat books are the reason why I don’t like reading”. Being an author myself, I was a bit unhappy with the statement. I curiously asked her the reason for the same. She said that she is a college going student and she never had enough time for the academic books, leave apart the novels or the story books.


I was totally convinced and that day the idea of pocketbook came to me. I had the idea to write a short story of 6000-7000 words and make the size of the book smaller, as small as a pocket diary. I published my first pocketbook in the year 2015 and named it The Pocket Love Story. The book did an average sale but the concept was an instant hit. Everyone liked the concept of the small size pocketbook. I was approached by various national record organizations and I qualified for it as well. The Pocket Love Story became the smallest book ever published in India.


BV: You wrote a book revolving around Shahrukh Khan. Any particular reason? Name the celebrity you truly admire?

Ajitabha: Actually, when I was writing my 2nd pocketbook, the story demanded a superstar and I being a die heart fan of Shah sir, I dedicated this book to him. Shah sir is an inspiration to me and billions other. He is a true example of hard work, dedication, and success.


BV: Who is that one person you admire the most?

Ajitabha: Shahrukh sir.


BV: What would be your advice to the young budding writers who see dreams to do big in their field of interest?

Ajitabha: As I always say, write more often, work on your scripts and stories and don’t get published to become famous. No one becomes famous overnight. You have to really work hard for that.


BV: Tell in brief about your entrepreneurial journey. What were the setbacks that you encountered?


The young, vibrant entrepreneur

The young, vibrant entrepreneur


Ajitabha: It’s been an amazing journey till now. Owning a production house is a big thing. I feel blessed that my viewers have shown their love and have remained devoted towards my work.


BV: What would you like to say about Freedom of Expression in India with respect to how it is being exercised in India?

Ajitabha: Freedom of Expression is a bit misused in India. There are people who talk and write non-sense in the name of freedom. It should be stopped!


BV: Being a mass communication graduate, you know the nuances of media and promotion. What is your stance on exploiting media resources to garner the attention of the masses?

Ajitabha: We are not in that era anymore where you write well and the book sells! Today, you need to market the book as well. Yes, some are exploiting the media but I feel, somewhere down the line they have also worked hard at the certain point of time. It isn’t easy to get media coverages but it isn’t impossible either! You just need to work hard!


BV: How do you envisage the readership in India in the near future?

Ajitabha: The publishing industry is booming in India these days. The number of authors and readers has increased surprisingly. People are reading more these days.


BV: You are a filmmaker as well. What are the concepts or themes that attract you the most?

Ajitabha: I have made and tried every genre of filmmaking but love songs attract me the most.


BV: Throw some light on the vision behind BDL Studios?

Ajitabha: BDL Studios is a non-commercial production house. We make no money from our videos. We are here to promote new talent and provide a platform to newcomers.


BV: Please let us know about your variety of achievements?

Ajitabha: My biggest achievement is those unknown well-wishers who love and support me unconditionally. It’s my dream to meet each one of them and thank them for making my life so wonderful.


BV: You have set a national record. How does it feel to be an inspiration for the young brigade of India?

Ajitabha: I am glad that I could inspire some people. It really feels magical to know that there are people who want to become like me. It’s an honor for me!


BV: Who would you name if asked about one person who has been instrumental in achieving the stupendous success?

Ajitabha: There are many who have supported me through thick and thin of my career. It would be rude to name a single one.


BV: You hold a National Record. How does it feel to own one?

Ajitabha: It definitely feels amazing! When the idea of pocketbooks came to my mind, I had never imagined that I would make a record. Getting featured in Limca Books of Record is indeed a blessing.


BV: A message for the young Entrepreneurs?

Ajitabha: Work hard! Try to focus on your work and not fame. Let your work speak on behalf of you. Fame comes with time for sure!


BV: Please cast light on your latest novel ‘It’s My Love Story’?

Ajitabha: It’s a story inspired by real-life incidents. A story based on the college life of 6 friends. It’s a love story of Aditya and Janvi.


It's my Love Story

It’s my Love Story

It’s My Love Story has Sudeep Nagarkar and his wife on the cover page. It is for the first time in Indian history when a celebrity couple is on a book cover (fiction). I am also releasing India’s first 3D Book teaser on 15th March! It’s My Love Story is my first novel!


BV: Lastly, where do you see yourself after 10 years? Your plan for your growth?

Ajitabha: I believe in living at the moment. I don’t think much about future. I believe if we work hard today, our future will be beautiful. But since you asked, maybe 10 years down the line, I will be writing a script for Shah sir.


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