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Indian Men Dazzle in Flared Tunics-Manarkali

Anarkali for men: Manarkalis are in fashion this 2019

Bollywood stars such as Ranveer Singh, Anupam Kher, and Ali Fazal have been seen wearing different versions of the Manarkali. This reinvention of the Anarkali came into being because fashion and style know no boundaries.‎The ‘manarkali’ is about celebrating the universal spirit of beauty. A Trend for Manarkali is something not new, which is about breaking trend. This back trend opened the door for other grooms to try this new variety of wedding collection. It’s a very metrosexual kurta and you can find these kurta easily on the designers’ store these days. “Inspired by royalty, the flared angrakha tunics and kalli kurtas are making a major come back in men’s fashion. However, not suitable for all body types, this style works well on a leaner man. For those keen on experimenting with silhouettes, the key to making this work is keeping it minimal. Manarkalis the fashion-forward folk, these are anarkalis specially designed for men who have enough swag to rock this wedding season. They can be paired with elegant half jackets or full length angrakhas, says Ravi Gupta, founder of Gargee designers.

Manarkali, BananiVissta

Men dazzles in Manarkali

It’s not about breaking the gender stereotypes! This kurta has a regal feel to it and the royal kings have had worn this drape centuries ago. Ranveer brought it back to style after wearing for his sangeet ceremony.

‘Knee length jacket made from hand weaved mataka silk along with the mesmerizing banarsi silk brocade kurta paired with plane cotton chudidaars. To add quirk to this traditional design elegant footwears can be worn’ said Mr. Ravi Gupta. This attire has a very royal, Mughal appeal. He further added, “After Ranveer Singh bought it back in trend, I got a fabulous response. They are quite popular in the wedding season. I have designed angrakhas for grooms during wedding festivities. When we asked bridegrooms and fashion lovers if they would opt for the trend, they gave a mixed reaction. Fashion is all about exploring and going out. Fashion has no genre. It is always out of the box. This trend will definitely boost in the year 2019”.
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