Mayank Modi Fashion: An Elegant Clothing Line For Stylish Men

Conversation With The Multi-Faceted Designer, Mayank Modi   Bengaluru designer Mayank Modi’s calm demeanour puts you at ease. But, the clothes horse believes his tryst with designing is best attributed to sheer serendipity. Speaking about his brand Mayank Modi Fashion’s line, Mayank shares the inside track with BananiVista.      BV: Describe the vibe of Mayank Modi fashion in not more than a line.  Also, […]

9 Trends That Will Define Ethnic Fashion In 2018

Women’s Ethnic Fashion Trends    Fashion is evanescent and keeps on changing every minute or so around the globe. Everybody wants to catch up with the latest fashion styles to be the center of attraction. As we enter 2018, the crucial information about the novel fashion ideas is what we need the most to stay […]

5 Fashion Trends For Men To Look Out For in 2018!

2018 knocks with these defining Fashion Trends for Men   Are you planning to revamp your wardrobe next year? Are you looking for the trendiest men’s fashion for 2018? Are you curious about what the New Year has in store in fashion for men? Well, if you are a fashionista, you have come to the […]

8 Weird Men Fashion Trends That Need To Go

  Men’s fashion is evolving. Most of the time, fashion is equated with women. But gone are the days when fashion was a women-only domain. With the evolution of metrosexuality, men fashion was no longer just wearing good clothes. With the advent of the avant-garde and haute-couture for men, one can witness some very weird trends […]

Men’s Wardrobe Trends 2019 by Poonam Kasera

Today the urban men square measure well traveled, responsive to international standards and fashions and square measure assured of what they need. They are receptive experimentations whether they mix each Indian and western appearance for various occasions. More emphasis is given to the cut and the choice of fabrics. It is all concerning exclusivity once it involves selecting a glance and men square measure deed no stone unturned to seem savvy and sharp. Ever since its genesis in 1993, Poonam Kasera, a time-honored menswear brand, […]

The Face Painter with Vanity Bag

Someone truly said, “Make-up is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful. It is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists”. After the read you all will feel that make–up is an extension of our beauty which not only make us more beautiful but right make-up boosts one’s self confidence […]

This Festival Of Colours : Don’t Let Colours Ruin Your Eyes  

Holi, The colourful festival of India, but playing with colours, especially artificial, can harm your eyes. This season make sure you play ‘safe Holi’ and make the most of it and not let colours get into your eyes not even, unknowingly., the e-commerce marketplace brings the premium sunglasses brand Vegoos to India. The initiative […]

Shaya launches jewellery inspired by Stretchmarks- Flawsome

“Stretch Marks- It’s about time they start calling them magic marks, to stay in and out and still stay beautiful is nothing less than a superpower!” For the first time ever- One of a kind silver jewellery brand Shaya has found its inspiration in stretch marks! To encourage every woman to be proud of her […]