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Makeup And Nail Artist & Trainer/ Corporate Grooming Consultant- Neha Suradkar

Neha Believes In Making Beauty, Makeup & Nails So Simple & Practical That They Are A Part Of Your Lifestyle & Not Only For Occasions


A Makeup & Nail Artist and Trainer by profession, she also has to her credit, titles of a Style Coach™, an Etiquette Trainer, a Corporate Coach, a Fashion Educator, and a Blogger with an experience of more than a decade in the fields of Fashion Design Teaching and Research, Personal Style Consulting, Makeup, Styling and Training. She is associated with International Makeup & Nail Brands as their Technical Trainer. She is also on board with Corporate Houses as Grooming Consultant.


She is a wife to a Cosmetic Innovator, working with one of the beauty giants and a mother to seven-year-old son.


BananiVista, makeup

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BV: How do you define dreams, goals & career?


Neha: Dreams are realities waiting to come alive. Goals are the milestones in the path to achieve your dreams and career is the path you follow. If all you follow is a career that is carved out of your passion, you’ll enjoy your journey to achieve your milestones (Goals) and reach your destination (Dreams).



BV: How did you choose makeup and nail art?


Neha: After completing my masters in Textiles and Clothing from Lady Irwin College, I started as a Project Associate and Guest Faculty in NIFT Delhi and then pursued my passion for teaching at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. In 2011, we moved to Japan where I started exploring Japanese fashion, style and beauty; and cosmetics products. It was a wonderful learning experience and when we moved to Singapore in 2012, I completed my Diploma in Style Coaching from Style Coaching Institute, London and launched my Image Consulting venture in Singapore- Mirror Image and Style. As we grew with this venture, we added a lot of other services like etiquette training for kids, teens and business, makeup and styling for shoots etc.


After moving to Mumbai in 2014, I pursued professional courses in Makeup, hairstyling and Nails and started working as a consultant with an international makeup and nail brand. So once the time was right, I was able to fulfil my dream of having a studio and academy specifically for makeup and nails and thus came in Style-n-File in July 2016. At Style-n-File, we provide makeup and nail services and aim to train aspiring individuals who are looking to step into this world of beauty.

BananiVista, makeup


BV: What still motivates you after having achieved so much already?


Neha: Colours have always fascinated me. Makeup and nails give me an opportunity to play with colours and explore my creative side. Since I have always been passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge, I follow my passion by providing makeup and nail training.



BV: What is exclusive about style-n-File?


Neha: At Style-n-File, The focus is on a specialized nail and makeup studio rather than a full-fledged salon, which is a plenty. We are one of the very few nail studios in India that specialize in Japanese Nail art techniques, which are detailed and intricate.


Apart from providing services, we are into professional training for Makeup Artists and Nail Technicians, beginners as well as advanced. We feel that since nails and makeup are two upcoming areas where there is a huge demand among people while the number of trained technicians is not enough. There are also courses for amateurs like personal makeup, basic nail art etc.


As a makeup artist, our U.S.P. lies in making makeup look natural on the skin and not giving a “made up” look to the client. As makeup trainer, I like to make things simple for people so they can easily adapt to makeup in their day to day life.


At Style-n-File, we aim to make Beauty, Makeup and Nails a part of a lifestyle rather than something that is meant only for special occasions. We always take into consideration the lifestyle and budget while doing nails and also while recommending products during a makeup training session.


BananiVista, makeup


BV: How has the journey been so far?


Neha: As any new venture in a new city, there were initial hiccups and every day gives you a new learning. I am happy that we are able to create a niche for ourselves and people connected to us are able to consider beauty as a part of their lifestyle. Managing work and home becomes easier when you have all the support from the spouse and the child too.



BV: What are your future plans?


Neha: We keep on upgrading our skills by training and our curriculum as per international standards and techniques.  Dreams are big… we look forward to expanding the academy and train more and more people to fill the demand and supply gap in the beauty industry.

BananiVista, makeup


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