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Know How This Bengaluru Based Skin Expert, Gouri Kapur Will Transform Your Makeup

The Celebrity Makeup Artist Gouri Kapur Talks About Makeup, Tools And Products

Makeup maverick Gouri Kapur requires no introduction. From weaving a touch of magic through the greasepaint on A-list celebs like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, MS DHONI and supermodels, to being every young Indian bride’s ‘dream make-up’ artist,  Gouri has scaled remarkable heights and continues to inspire the women world over with her finesse. In a candid quick-fire, she tells us more…
BananiVista, makeup

Different looks, one lady


BV: You have an enviable portfolio. With unique creations that awe, tell us what exactly is it that inspires you?

Gouri: I take inspiration from nature, textures fabric, interesting faces, paintings and of course, experimenting on myself. In fact, I use my face as a canvas since it’s easily available!
As an artist, I mix, match, play and splash colours together to get something extra ordinary! There’s so much inspiration, which lies in the different colours and textures around with which I create interesting concepts of my own! 

BV: Take us through your evolution as a makeup artist 

Gouri: I’m told now, that makeup as we think of it wasn’t even heard of in Bangalore. Maybe makeup was being done but, people never realised the importance of well-applied makeup that can transform someone into looking effortlessly beautiful.
Of course, I was new and dabbling in it initially, accepting and learning from my mistakes and growing stronger. That is the only way, isn’t it?
When I work or immerse myself in painting a face I forget the world.
Listening to my inner voice has trained me to follow my heart and spread the wisdom I had gathered through the years.
I decided to train when I was 10 years into the field and now it’s been 20 years.
And it’s great to see that I have given so many women knowledge and empowerment to live their dream! Time and patience teach you everything if you diligently stay true and passionate.

BV: One of your most memorable compliment by a client?

Gouri: When a client says ‘I waited all these years to get my make up done by you’, it makes the whole process very very memorable.
Every message that says thank you for making me look beautiful makes the entire experience memorable. Making a mark on every bride and every student, I become a small part of their life. That makes it beautiful and memorable.
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Be prepared to get your look transformed


BV: As a makeup expert, what has been the biggest takeaway from your profession?

Gouri: Training your patience levels and excelling in any irritable situation!
Being critical about your own work and aspiring to do bigger and better work.
Everything takes time. Proving yourself each time gives you the confidence to grow.

 BV: Take us through a typical day in the life of Gouri Kapur

Gouri: Juggling between being a homemaker and work continues.
Travel is an important part of our profession. During some particular seasons, I seldom get to see my sons as my days are packed with meetings, bridals and destination weddings. I enjoy workshops tremendously, which keep me terribly busy though.

BV: 3 things people don’t know about you

  • That my 2 sons are my best friends.
  • The brands I wear. 
  • I try and create my own looks. 
 I was never fascinated by brands. Or by people displaying brands. I always believed YOU should be the brand.
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Let your look do the talking


BV: What next?

Gouri: Living and enjoying each moment.
Making the most of tomorrow.
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