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For A Home That Tells Your Story: Make My Space

3 Exciting Packages By Make My Space Offer To Create A Special Home


The cosy nook in your living room or the tranquil balcony sit-out, these are your personal retreats after a hectic day, a long trip or on weekends to escape from the chaos of the everyday grind. Our homes are special to us, and more so if they reflect the people who live in it. Whether cosy & warm, elegant & opulent, quirky or minimalistic, your home must be able to put you at ease, infused with personal style and be able to tell your story, not your decorator’s.   


Make My Space, the newest entrant in the home design space offers you a personalised solution to make your dream home a reality. Whether it’s just a room or your humble abode, Make My Space goes all the way to create your dream home, that’s customised just for you. 


As a private interior design boutique that helps you Discover, Dream, Design and Do-Up your Home, the team at Make My Space promises to not only create a warm and comfortable space for you, but also an insta-worthy work of art! 


What’ s unique about Make My Space, is its curated design packages. From complete home interior package for those who have recently moved in, to the love nest of the newlyweds, to also creating themes such as The Home-Office Design or even The Themed Experience design package, Make My Space has packages for everyone!


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Here are some of those exciting packages:


  • The Space. My Way package


Are you one of those who has been collecting decor pictures from magazines, design books and saving Instagram posts? Then you probably have visualised your dream home already. Well, in that case, The My Space. My Way package is perfect, as all you need is just a little help from the experts at Make My Space.




  • The Rent-Out Upgrade


So it may not be your home, but you are getting new tenants and want a quick makeover to upgrade the space. Well, Make My Space offers a unique package just for you. Probably one of its kind in the market, The Rent-Out Upgrade gives your old space a fresh feel along with regular services such as repainting, re-furnishing and redecorating the home. 



  • Children’s Packages


Kids bring energy, happiness and positive vibes in any home, and Make My Space has curated design packages for newborn babies to teenagers. The Baby’s First Room – a special place, perfect for the arrival of your newborn; The Baby Proofing Package – especially for the those anxious parents’ whose little one is now taking first steps and The Child’s Fantasyland – a themed experiential space, for your child to pan out all their fantasy adventures.


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Conceptualising the design is only half the job done while converting the design to reality is a bigger job at hand. Make My Space makes it convenient for you by adopting a four-step process, to craft your dream home. 


  • Discover your Package – Your personal home stylist will get in touch with you to help you discover the various packages suited to your requirements. 


  • Visualise your Dreams – Once you share your wish list and budget, your designer and you work together to determine a style and theme that best represents your interests.


  • Turn Dreams to Designs – Your designer develops the floor plans, selects furniture, finishes, textures and furnishings, and shows them to you. Curated décor pieces, lamps and lighting are also shortlisted. 


  • Bring Designs to Life – Your designer scouts from the best sources, guides you to great deals and also accompanies you for shopping.


So, if you are on the lookout for someone who can create that special home for you, call Make My Space for a personalised, convenient and superbly executed home interior solutions. 



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+91 9742 388 277


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