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Home Is Where The Heart Is- Home Decor Magic By Sheela Kedarinath

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When you travel around the world, what is the thing that you miss most? No prizes for guessing! More than your home, it is the comfort of your home that you probably miss. Your coffee mug, your snug comforter, the annoying sound the door makes when you open it… there are so many of those things that we do not appreciate until we are away from home.Speaking of which, each of us has a different style of doing up our homes. Decor could follow several patterns of which some are given below –


Home Decor Style


Minimalistic – Some of us like non-fussy arrangements. So if you prefer stark colors or stick to a black and white theme, you could be bordering on minimalistic. For instance, getting the right colors on a wall could be akin to buying a piece of art or highlighting certain areas in your house with lighting. What others find boring looks great to you!


Eclectic – As the name suggests, it is the coming together of various ideas which could be a combination of modern and traditional or cottage and minimalistic etc. If you have a traditional rosewood cabinet and want to team this with modern furniture then there is eclectic decor for you. My suggestion would be to stop and think before you make any changes!

Example of getting Kitschy

Example of getting Kitschy


Kitsch – Though the meaning suggests cheesiness or tacky according to Wikipedia, it all depends on you. Would you like to put all the articles you picked up on your travels to good use and for the world to see? Kitsch can be beautiful if you choose it to be.


Country Cottage– Cozy, comfortable is what it is all about with pastel shades and non-fussy accessories. The peeling paint (not on the walls please!)and distressed look of furniture add to the look and makes you just want to curl up on your comfy sofa and have a hot cup of cocoa!


Modern – The total opposite of cottage decor. Neat, simple designs signify modern décor. Again black, white, muted and pastel or dark colors would be appropriate for this decor with no room for florals or curves.

The modern flavour

The modern flavour


Traditional – Is a formal style of decor and the homes appear gracious, inviting and have a certain classic appeal to them. They follow a certain color pattern and are anything but whimsical.

…the choices are endless.


The style of décor is defined by various elements and a few of them are listed below-

  • Walls, paintings, paints, murals
  • Curtains and Venetian blinds
  • Furniture ­ size, texture, tapestry, cushions, puffy, divan, etc
  • Gardens- balcony, rooftops, patios, herb, kitchen etc
  • Windows ­ their length, frames, and size
  • Accessories ­ lamps, candles, bottles, runners, mats, silver candlesticks, photo frames, etc.
Get the wall framed with memories

Get the wall framed with memories


Having spent most of my life living in Defence Establishments (both my father and husband are from the Defence Services), I have always appreciated the comfort that my temporary homes gave me. I treasured each of them and decorated my homes exactly the way I pleased (much to the consternation of my husband!). For instance, when my husband came home from work he would find that an odd sofa had disappeared from the original place and found another spot in the living room. The shoe rack had a habit of disappearing too ­ he put up with this for a year and then did exactly what your significant other would probably do…. just gave up!

Even if you have not given a thought about how to find your style, you would have picked up a few articles, furniture and other artifacts that you really care about and are precious to you. That to my mind is what you can set your home up with and will be your comfort zone.


Home Decor Tips


Always start with the doorway! Paint your door a fun colour or polish it if it requires the same. This is inexpensive and also lends cheer to your home.


Hang your pictures at eye level if possible – If your guests have to crane their neck to admire the paintings, then you will have to call your carpenter!


Seating -See that your sofas and living room seating are either in an H shape or a U shape. That way you can ensure that you have a warm touch to the setting and that people speak to each other without shouting across the room.

A simple U shaped sofa

A simple U shaped sofa


Let there be light! Draw your blinds and curtains during the day and in the night you can either light a couple of beautiful candles or switch on your lamps to give the room a different look.


Home Decor online shopping


Some of the websites where you can get some exciting ideas for your home are-


This article is a prelude to a series of articles that I will be presenting to you. As we go along, I will touch upon each facet and style of décor as well as the elements that are used to make it special- and hope that you enjoy the journey as much as I do. And while we are at it, I will give you my insights on balcony gardens and how a bit of green can change your life and bring some positive energy.


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Until next time!!

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