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Hand-Painted Premium Leather Bags By Aranyani

Aranyani Brings Forest-Inspired Experience With Its Leather Bags


Let us begin by telling you a popular folklore: It is said there was a deep desire of Lord Shiva and Parvathi to have a daughter. She was a gift to them from the Holi Kalpavriksha Tree. Aranyani has the distinction of owning one of the most descriptive hymns of the Rigveda dedicated to her, in which she is depicted as being the Queen of the Forest who is elusive, fond of quiet glades in the jungle, and fearless of remote stations.


BananiVista, leather


ARANYANI, the brand, has taken inspiration from this story, and each bag design tells a different story of the various facets of the journey of ‘Aranyani’, the forest- queen.  The collection has artisanal leather bags of hand-painted designs, which bring a unique forest-inspired experience to the discerning global connoisseur of luxury goods. Each bag is a one-of-a-kind design masterpiece, unique and without repetition. NO more than one item per design is released, at any point, for each city, which makes each masterpiece unique from any other. The brand also positioned to be one of few championing the cause of cruelty-free industry standards.


The brand has completed one year, and in this short period has been established in the US and India, and is in the process of expanding footprint across UK and Europe. It is also collaborating with the Royal families in India, at their Behest.


BananiVista, leather


In terms of internal policies, ARANYANI’s associates are put through one year of training, in order to be able to translate the story of the brand to the customers efficiently, and so are given the title of ‘ARANYANI Craftsman or Artist’.  ARANYANIi collaborates with Mr Raphael Lombardo, a third-generation bag technologist who has worked with top brands such as Armani, Cartier and LVMH. In addition to this, the brand also works closely with Arsutoria, Milan the world’s leading designer and product developer.



The brand has been applauded by the media and patrons in India and New York as at par with the best standards of the world. ARANYANI has received the love and support of many influential and respectable people such as Jill Martin, Sportscaster and TV personality, Vanessa Williams and Madison Daniel, both actors and singers n the US, Bollywood actress, Chitrangada Singh as well as Reshma Punj, leading fashion designer, Rohit Bal and global philanthropist, Meera Gandhi.  The brand has also received the support of Ramola Bachan and Nishi Singh.



The United Nations have certified ARANYANI towards being a “Sustainability Development Program”, as well as chosen ARANYANI, through the ‘Conscious Fashion Collective’, as a part of an initiative that celebrates the Change makers and the innovators championing conscious fashion as an influential force for global good towards our sustainable future. This is due to the sustainability of the brand in its operations, as the brand uses 100% animal cruelty-free leather.


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