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Footprints Forever- A Home Decor Brand By Vandana Shinghal

Decorate Your Home In Style By Footprints Forever


Footprints Forever is a brand born out of a crafters’ pursuit to innovate and create products that represent, Vandana’s love for beauty and creating beautiful homes. This home décor brand is designed around gifting ideas especially for housewarmings, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate giveaways. The designs are unique and are hand embellished before being framed into trays, wall clocks, tea-boxes and other products. The woman behind this brand, Vandana Shinghal is not only the creator of the brand but also the head designer.




During her growing years, Vandana spent time, in her grandfather’s furniture workshop and always looked up to him for his sense of design and creativity. He was known for functional yet artistic pieces, and she brings the same elegance to her work. A science graduate, she is self-taught and has tried her hand at other forms of art, finally narrowing down to ‘Scrapbooking’, which was something she picked up as a hobby during her stay in South Africa. She soon turned her passion creation with something uniquely Indian, into a business.


BananiVista, home

Vandana, the founder of Footprints Forever





As she progressed from a home run business to a more professional one, she realized that product innovation holds the key to growth. As a result of this, she took Scrapbooking to the next level and created stylish trays, wall clocks and coasters with unique digital prints that she would edit on her own and then get hand embellished at her studio. Her wide range of unique designs has become the ‘pillar of success’ for her brand Footprints Forever and has further helped her establish her name amongst a large clientele, including NRIs and Expat community, because of the essentially Indian prints. Her trays and clocks are also quite popular amongst the corporate gifting and wedding giveaways category.



Footprints Forever has come a long way since 2011, the year it was incorporated, and their products are now available across various e-commerce portals globally. Vandana boasts of a global clientele and she likes the fact that people love buying from her, especially when they travel abroad because her products depict India in the true sense.




In a nutshell, Footprints Forever is a truly Indian brand not only conceptually but also the way it’s manufactured. It’s a true representation of ‘Made in India’ and of creating a ‘Global Footprint’!


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