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A Candid Chat With Music Lover Sriram Sulia, An RJ From The Silicon Valley-Bangalore

Sriram Sulia Shares On Being RJ, His Love For Music And Secret Behind His Broad Smile!


He’s funny. He’s wacky. He’s a goofy yet snazzy broadcaster. And, he’s a superman (on the radio, of course)!

Bengalurean RJ Sriram Sullia is a powerhouse of talent and wit, armed with a superpower to amp up your mood with music that’s pulsating yet soulful at the same time. He recently donned the hat of a daddy but continues to helm the radio with his ‘super’ frequencies. In a candid chat, he shares all the dirt!



BV: Describe your body of work.  Was radio jockeying always on the back on your mind? What were your growing up years like?


Sriram: I’m a broadcaster, and you can find me on the Radio, TV and of course, the Internet. I host live shows on the ground for corporates and other events, I make videos on YouTube. The dream of being a radio personality started when I was in College and FM had just started in Bangalore. I was placed with a top Investment company when I had to decide if I was going all the way with finance or if I wanted to give Media a shot. During classes, I would get my professors saying ‘You have a great voice maybe you should try radio’; I needed to approach radio stations for internships. I started Campus Radio in College. Got a part-time show with All India Radio that paid me 300 bucks per show. By the time I was out of College – Radio Stations were willing to have me on board full time. That was Ten Years ago.


Growing up I was shy, an introvert. I would not take part in any cultural activities but sports was my Jam. Was a lanky kid who wore oversized T-shirts of death metal bands because music was a big part of my life. Did go over different genres of music before I landed a job in a music radio station (which just ruined my chops for good music). Just kidding!



BV: Take us through a typical day in your life. What are some of the early morning rituals you follow to kick-start your day on a super energetic note?


Sriram: I am a morning person. I’ve hosted breakfast radio for nearly 5 years but since I’m on in the evening show, now I tend to take my time waking up. I’m up at 8 am with a big tall glass of water while I go over my phone for the day’s happenings and news followed by a jog to the gym. I will squeeze in half an hour’s workout every day. Then I eat a Kings Breakfast while the newest member of the family 15 months of the daughter of mine Aryaa, gets all the attention from here on. She is a riot, the ringmaster who makes me dance to her tunes. Her playtime then moves onto breakfast, more playtime then bath time followed by a Nap, that’s my cue to disappear and make my way to the rest of the day.     



BV: You’re a social media daddy, quite okay with sharing a snap of your little one. How has fatherhood changed you? 


Sriram: How has fatherhood changed me …A question you should ask my wife really. I feel more responsible; but that doesn’t stop me from being my silly self, in fact, Aryaa loves the goofiness (I think) and that’s what I post on Instagram. It’s a whole lot of fun with Aryaa, she’s a happy baby with so much of personality. We kind of hit it off 🙂  Social media is a way of me feeling in touch with my audience. I’ve always been honest, transparent and quite open about my day to day life, sharing this with my people only makes us connect on a better level with more understanding is what I feel. I share my personal life, little victories and defeats which only makes us more human, but the central idea behind all of this to me is to spread positivity and happiness. Things tend to get very serious once you grow old, sharing laughs and silliness make the world a better place. We could all do with more playful smiles than grumpiness.



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Sriram at TEDx



BV: What are you currently working on?


Sriram: Every year I do a road trip special on the shows. I’ve toured across the Country and the state for the same this year looking to make it bigger and better  There are a couple of social media videos we are working on with Celebrities, also a few big corporate shows that are keeping me excited. I’m always on the move, so there is something to look forward to. I hate stagnancy, and there is always something that I am working on at any given point in time!



BV: What’s your favourite cheat meal? Are you a fitness enthusiast? 


Sriram: I have a shark tooth for sweets. I never deprive myself of good food. I’m a big time foodie, so you can consider all every meal of mine as a cheat meal. But, I pay equal attention towards fitness. The everyday workout is a must! I enjoy the gym as much as playing football and basketball with my friends.   



BV: What inspires you to communicate with hoarded of people on a daily basis via your show? 


Sriram: I feel lucky that I’m doing what I’m extremely passionate about and that’s helping me pay my bills, buy my house, cars, and a whole bunch of things. I’m thankful for the opportunities and the wonderful setting provided by my team, my colleagues, my bosses, my friends, and family. It’s only because I feel good and happy from the inside that I can express myself every day. I wouldn’t last a week if I was faking happiness.



Sriram at Euphoria 2017



BV: What next?


Sriram: Being a broadcaster really leaves you spoilt for choice. I’m currently able to leverage my position and do multiple things in one go while management awaits on one end. I’m thoroughly enjoying my stint on the radio. The Internet keeps me excited as well! So, the future may involve me dabbling with the internet space and engaging with a live audience at the same time. Looking forward to embracing and adapting to what lies ahead…   



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