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A tete-a-tete with Actor and Celebrity Anchor Anushka Arora, “Best Radio Presenter of the Year” at Asian Media Awards 2018

The British Asian Radio Presenter Turned Actor shares how she climbs the ladder of success

Anushka Arora is a British Asian Radio Presenter turned Actor. She is a multi-faceted personality, known famously as an actress, a radio jockey, a video jockey, an anchor and a journalist. She trained herself in hospital radio and local community radio stations for years and bagged a degree in Journalism from the University of Arts, London. Anushka’s talent was appreciated when she was nominated as the top five  “Best Presenter of the Year” at the Hospital Radio Awards, 2008.  Best known for superhits like FAN (2016) and ADHM (2016), her anchoring abilities has also been seen in multiple Bollywood tours – the most recent one being Shreya Ghoshal, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Mikka Singh’s show, London, 2018.  In a tete-a tete, we got to know more about her aspirations, her priorities, and her work.


BV: How does it feel to bag a title of the Best Radio Presenter of the year 2018?

Anushka Arora: It makes me excited and grateful that the industry has marked my talent and nominated for such a prestigious award, I will continue to work and make India proud overseas with such accomplishments and it makes me supremely joyous of how appreciative people have become of different career options!

radio, BananiVissta

Actor and celebrity anchor-Anushka

BV: Why did you choose the entertainment media industry? Highlight the achievements you have received so far.

Anushka Arora: Since the beginning, I knew what I wanted to pursue as my higher education and career. Graduating in Journalism with honours, wherein various subjects were taught, my interest greatly lied in the radio broadcast. Speaking of which I started off on a great hospital radio station and never looked elsewhere other than the mic.

The 24-hour radio marathon that I did as well as the awards I have received has been my greatest achievements professionally as it recognizes the work and effort I put in on an everyday basis.


BV: What is your biggest failure professionally?

Anushka Arora: There are always lows and highs in any profession. There were times when low confidence struck me as well – it made me stuck up for some time but then when one is clear as to what they want, everything takes a back seat.


BV: Why is this job right for you?

Anushka Arora: I feel it’s fun and I’m a very fun and bubbly person. I love communicating with people and informing them of what’s happening in Bollywood. My fans/listeners have named me “Little Miss Bollywood”, which assures my effort is in the right direction.


BV: What is your favourite entertainment story you have covered so far and why?

Anushka Arora: It has to be the Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli wedding. It was a major rush and no one knew about it. I knew the nitty – gritty as a dear family friend was the wedding planner!


BV: How do you work under pressure?

Anushka Arora: Work doesn’t feel like pressure at all. Not now, not ever. It is my lifestyle – the way I like it. Even though, when venturing into a new task a little performance anxiety makes my work all the more interesting and keeps me grounded.


BV: What are you most proud of in your career?

Anushka Arora: The fact, I come from a non-media background and I have literally climbed the ladder right from the beginning, I’m proud that I’ve done it on my own without any godfather.

Radio, BananiVissta

Anushka awarded Pride of India Award and Best in Media Award

BV: What is the key to success when communicating with the public? 

Anushka Arora: Appreciate their loyalty, love and time that they give you. Give them what they want, never say no and you’ll see the smile and happiness on their face! They are the ones that have made you.


BV: Tell us how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.

Anushka Arora: Work is always a priority. Prioritizing personal life along with my professional commitments hasn’t been a hassle because of such accommodating and loving family and friends who would never make me choose. As of now, my work and self-wellness are utmost important.


BV: A quote that keeps you going.

Anushka Arora: The universe loves a believer!


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