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14 Ways To Avoid Gaining Weight In Winters

This Winter, Avoid Gaining Excess Weight


Most people eat more during winters and thus gain a lot of extra weight mainly because it’s a season with a lot of festivals across all religions. It is also the holiday season when people socialise more and when they are together, they eat more savouries than regular nutritious food. Some people consume more alcohol than usual and more often than not skip their regular workout as a result of a hangover.


There are, however, ways in which the weight can be kept in check. Here are 14 ways to keep your weight in check in winters:


  • Weight loss is gradual in most people and that is what one needs to beware of. The season of joy should be done without piling on pounds. The emphasis should be less on weight loss and more on maintaining your weight and that is possible only if you regularly consume a healthy, nourishing diet and follow an exercise routine.


  • Winter season is meant to enjoy those special savouries that you get only in winter. But please do not go overboard. Enjoy the treats but control the portion size. Eat only what you are able to. Decide what time and quantity of food you are going to eat yourself for no one understands your system better than you. Don’t go with the flow and just eat because all others are eating it too. There is absolutely nothing wrong in refusing to eat what you know is unhealthy or if it is the wrong time to eat it.


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Your diet is important


  • You should be willing to accept if you have slipped from your meal plan and move on without feeling discouraged. You can easily make up the extra calories you may have eaten by skipping the next meal or eating less. You can also increase your workout. If you seem to have gained a little extra weight, it may also be because of water retention which can result if the consumption of salty foods is more than usual.


  • Alcohol contains empty calories and no nutrition. It also stimulates appetite and makes the fried, fatty and salty foods look more attractive. So plan the number of drinks you are going to have and never start drinking on an empty stomach.


  • Relax and savour your food every time you sit down for a meal and never try to eat more than your stomach can take.


  • Most people want to eat healthy food because they want to feel better, have confidence in themselves or reverse health problems. It is important to keep on reminding yourself of your initial goals and why you want to follow a diet plan. This reminder will keep you on track and also provide encouragement when you see a positive result on your weighing scale.


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Burn some calories


  • There are a lot of people who feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, lonely or sad during winters even when they are in a company. When they are unable to cope with these uncomfortable feelings, they binge on food hoping it will bring that elusive joy. It doesn’t work that way. If you are uncomfortable in any situation, try and get out of it rather than mindless eating and subsequently gaining weight. Reduce stress as far as it is possible for foods high in sugar and fat are consumed more when you are under stress. Concentrate on eating nutritious, unprocessed, freshly cooked food rather than only on calories it contains for long-term weight management.


  • It is important to have adequate sleep if one wants a healthy life. Sleep deprivation leads to a craving for sweet and high-calorie foods.


  • No matter how busy a schedule you have during winters or the holiday season, it is necessary to plan your routine around sufficient sleep, regular exercise and eating healthy meals while occasionally having a cheat meal too.


  • Breakfast is the most important meal of a day. Make sure it is high in protein by including eggs for it helps in improving control over appetite and body composition.


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A fit body is calling you


  • Keep your gut healthy by eating fibre-rich foods.


  • Exercise regularly in any way that you enjoy.


  • Always remember to eat before you go to a party so that you do not gorge on the savouries being served there. After all, you go to a party to have fun and spend time with your relatives or friends and not just to eat.


  • Have manageable goals so that you may consistently try and manage your weight and intake of food.


Gaining weight is easy but it is especially so in winter when the days are shorter and one is more prone to being inactive. So, be more careful of what you eat, how much you eat and what time do you eat besides ensuring that you get sufficient exercise to keep you healthy and stress-free.


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