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In Conversation With Sid Naidu, the Young Fashion Producer In India

Sid Naidu, the young fashion producer in India.

Hailed from Bangalore, Sid Naidu run his own production house in Bangalore “Sid Productions”. The company is more than a year old now. He is into the direction of collaborative shoots and fashion films and as a company, Sid Productions caters to producing the event. “Art direction is my passion. Apart from Fashion, Cricket has all my love and dedication. I love to play cricket”, says Sid. While having a conversation with this fashion producer, we get to know more about his passion and his plans for future.


BV: Tell us about your journey from delivering newspapers to being a fashion producer.


Sid: I had a hunger for work. I did everything possible which could feed me, so I started going to newspaper distribution at the age of 12 and ended up in the fashion industry now.

I was working as an office boy and tried to apply for a job at a department store but was rejected as I was underage. After some time, I managed to secure a job at a store at Mantri Square mall where I befriended the mall manager who introduced me to the events company which handled all events at the mall. As luck had it, I managed to get them to hire me and that job went on to become my training ground for the production house I eventually went on to establish.

After having worked for four years at the event management company, I was itching to branch out on my own and with my family’s support and belief in my capabilities, I took the plunge and started my own production house “Sid Productions”. The production house now has an impressive list of clientele including brands like Lifestyle, Future Group, Zivame, etc. in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

producer, BananiVIssta

Sid Nair

BV: Share your experience on your Bollywood journey. Any memorable experience you have.

Sid: I will soon start taking up Bollywood movies and start producing them.


BV: Are you tech-savvy and a social person?

Sid: Not really, I am not a tech freak person. Since I am in the fashion industry, I get the opportunity to meet new people every day. So, yes I am a social person.


BV: Tell us about your future plans

Sid: I will soon start producing Kannada and Bollywood movies. Also, will set up my office in Mumbai and Delhi. We have a good team wherein we will divide ourselves and focus on Luxury lifestyle events, Films and Ad Shoots. I’d love to do world-class campaigns for Indian brands and make a presence internationally.


BV: A quote that keeps you going.

 Sid: A quote which keeps me going “Don’t wait for an opportunity, Create it”

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