Worried About Exams? Cinnamon Can Make You Score Well!

A recent study has found out that Cinnamon can really facilitate or expedite one’s learning ability. Since the year end examinations are knocking at the door and are almost drawing closer, therefore the students would definitely try to reach out to some tips or tricks in order to score well in their exams. Among such tips and tricks, one might get to try something new, a little different as well as an effective one, which can help them to improve their memory as well as sharpen their brain’s abilities.


Image Source: Hindustan Times

Image Source: Hindustan Times


For this, students can take the help of Cinnamon, an Indian spice, which is commonly used in greater extents to make any food or beverage taste better. Appreciated for years considering its taste and its value in cooking, Cinnamon also contains several other benefits that can help the students in many ways-

  • Cinnamon can help in retaining mindfulness as well as other brain activities and can also boost memories which are very necessary during the exam time.
  • Cinnamon comprises of powerful polyphenols and anti-oxidants which help the brain to restrain persistent capacity, for which it is often called a ‘Superfood’.
  • Not only this, but the commonly used spice could also see new applications in the functional foods, like in Cinnamon flavored chewing gum which could help the students to cling onto their recollective mind as well as conscious memory.
  • Further, the spice also supports in reducing the body’s bad cholesterol as well as triglycerides, which may lead to acidosis due to anxieties during exams.
  • It thus lowers the dangerous effect of high-fat meals.




According to the study, a cinnamon dose of just 120 mg may suffice all these complications during the examinations. It has been stated there, that the intake of Cinnamon can be done by just sprinkling it over the desserts, or some may have it in their tea or try adding a sprinkle to their morning oatmeal, further one might use the cinnamon oil in their food as well.




Dr P. Zoladz, scientists at the Wheeling Jesuit University in the US, states that Cinnamon always administers retro-nasally or ortho nasally, improving the participants’ scores on the tasks which are related to the attention processes, sometimes focuses on the virtual recognition memory, working memory, and along with that targeting the visual¬ motor response speed of the brain. The findings from the US Association for Chemoreception Sciences suggests that Cinnamon can reduce insulin contention in the body by helping it in responding to the blood sugar levels more effectively, regulating and keeping the mind and body calm during exams.


How can you store the Cinnamon?

  • You can easily store the ground cinnamon spices for almost six months and can have it anytime amid your exam days.
  • Not only this, but the Cinnamon sticks always last for a year if it is carefully stored in an airtight glass jar.


So, sniffing cinnamon can always help you to score more points in your examinations by boosting your focal attention towards the study keeping all such complications and the distractions away, also by restraining your memory and along with that it also increases the recalling speed and your capacity to respond. So calm yourself down if you’re feeling anxious using cinnamon and be ready for your exams!

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