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Winter Care Guide For Pregnant Women

How Pregnant Women Must Take Care In Winter?


The cosy mornings, the snow-covered roads and a hot cup of coffee or tea only remind us of winters. It is a relief and liberation from the scorching summer heat and sweat which are often intolerable and agonising. We usually wait for this season the entire year but this might not be the case with the mothers who are expecting as the season can bring in a lot of extra care and fatigue.


To be a mother is probably the best feeling in the world but it is necessary that the prospective mothers take extra care for the new member, especially during winters. That’s why we have rolled out some points for the expecting mothers and their families:


BananiVista, pregnant

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  • It is very essential that a pregnant woman layers herself up. The mother must ensure that she keep herself warm during the winters as the cold winds can often leave her ill and unpleasant. Also, wear clothes that you are comfortable so that you can move around easily. Make sure that there is no contact of the wool directly to your skin as it can be itchy and unwanted. It is advised to wear a warm jacket or a cardigan along with basic leggings with some soft fleece.


  • It is very important for pregnant women to stay hydrated during winters. One often feels like drinking less water during the season but it is essential that the mother drinks enough water to maintain the level of amniotic fluid around the baby. Dehydration in the body also shows results on the skin and often leaves it dry and dull. Drink plenty of water, smoothies and fresh juices.


  • During severe winters, people often use heaters in bedrooms and living areas for cosy room temperatures. These heaters often extract the necessary moisture content from the air leaving it too hot and dry. Therefore, use a humidifier in the room, open the windows for a while or keep a bowl of water in the room. These have a reverse effect and often maintain the level of moisture in the air.


BananiVista, pregnant

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  • We totally understand the bliss one derives in the blanket during winters. But it is also very essential to get out of the bed and devote some time to exercise as well. A stroll during the daytime or brisk walk during evening or mornings can be very beneficial for the health of the baby and mother. Exercise helps in the proper movement of the bowel and often calms the mind too. Practising yoga and light meditation can also be very effective for prospective mothers.


  • Get fresh air and vitamin D during the season. Ditch the blanket for a while and sit in the sun. You can read some books, listen to music and must eat citrus fruits. Balance out the time you spend in the sun and too much exposure to the sun is also not advised.


  • Since pregnancy is an important phase of life, make sure you keep a check on your diet. Include lots of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, dry fruits and dairy products. Try incorporating saffron in some warm milk as it shall prevent you from the harsh effects of winter and provide you with plenty of additional benefits too.




Pregnancy can be a little distressing and worrying especially during winters but it is very essential that the family members as well the prospective mother, herself should take proper care during this season. If you are pregnant, don’t forget to use a humidifier too. Integrate some healthy habits like spending some time in the sun, exercising and going for healthy foods.


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