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When Tea King meets the Sugar Star….

Who knew that a small child from Kolkata will fulfill his father’s wish and give a beautiful touch to it. His magical elixir now has become one of the most important parts of life. Spending the summers in the tea estates, while learning the beautiful insights of tea leaves, Gaurav has transformed himself into a very successful person in retail industry. Dreams came into reality in 2003 when Infinitea Bangalore put its first feet in Bangalore. Slowly, it became one of the top food and beverage destinations in the city. “Infinitea” serves around 120 different flavors around the world and also retails tea leaves for tea connoisseurs in India.

I crossed the street and could see the logo “Infinitea”. It seemed a normal cafe from outside with yellow and grey exteriors. As I reached the entrance, my views changed for this place. Have someone seen a tea bar? Hanging lights, comfortable chairs, glass tables, cosy sofas, make this one of the finest places to hang around. Wow!! What’s that? My eyes got stuck into a tea rack which was decorated with different jars containing fine tea leaves and a certificate in between was proudly sitting in the middle of the rack. To provide a complete tea experience, there were pictures, posters and lot of exciting information about tea which were hanging on Infinitea’s great wall.


When our Kolkata Hero meet our Mumbai’s sugar star, things became more beautiful for Infinitea. Mrs. Deeksha, a commerce graduate started working closely with Infinitea and helping Gaurav in his finances. There was a creative corner in Deeksha’s heart which she decided to turn into reality and that gave birth to Orange Oven by Infinitea”. Orange Oven started celebrating Christmas, Father’s Day, Baby Shower in their own creative delicious way. Deeksha’s creative parlor started growing by taking random orders from friends, taking corporate orders, taking part in kids fair and much more.

Today, both Infinitea and Orange Oven is growing by walking into the steps of Self Learning Curve and trying to become the best in their own. After listening to their story, I walked off the café’, taking a sense of power within that can do anything and everything that seems impossible to the whole world.


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