Violated, BananiVista

VIOLATED- By Lavanya Nukavarapu


Attacked by lewd comments
Staring eyes stripping off her dress
She objects and voices against it
Only to be molested and abused


The passers-by ignore her
As if it is none of their business
But pause and take pictures and videos
To post on facebook and whats app


She screams for help
And the sky bleeds with her
A flock of birds cries in pain
And nature sighs in regret


But humans keep taking pictures
And satisfied with a good pic they leave
As if it was none of their business
But happy to shoot the cruel act


She is groped, beaten and raped
As if she deserved it
Tears in her eyes and numb to the pain
She asks:


Would you do this or allow to happen
If it were your mother or daughter
You allowed a daughter to be violated
And humanity weeps with her.

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