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The Contemporary Trumpet Player-Tiziano Bianchi Set To Rock The Stage At The Finch, Mumbai!

After receiving an over whelming response for his first album “Now and Then”, Bianchi is all set to rock the stage this September at “The Finch”. We had a tete-a-tete with Bianchi to know his musical endeavor. Excerpts from the interview:


BV: If you had to describe your composing style to someone unfamiliar with your work how would you define it?

Bianzi: In my composing process I am always looking for simplicity. Just like talking, I try to express my idea in the clearest way. Musically speaking, I always look for a pure melody and a way to keep the arrangement clear, having the colours of the instrument standing out. All the notes have to be necessary, and I always look for a style that is personal.


BV: In terms of composers, who are a few of your main influences and why?

Bianzi: From the great masters I would say, Miles Davis, Gil Evans and Thelonious Monk mainly for the uniqueness of their sound. From the contemporary artists, I am looking at Mathias Eick, Aaron Parks, Christian Scott, Kamasi Washington, Ben Williams, for their sound and intention to cross the style borders.


BV: How it felt to record your first album entitled “Now and Then”?

Bianzi: Writing the music for ‘Now and then’ was a kind of therapeutic process. I came from a tuff period, and sitting at the piano and work on some music for a while was my way to move forward. After some time, the music starts to flow and a great sense of fulfillment started to arrive. The music was somehow guiding me, and the full concept of the album took place quite quickly. It was a strong sensation and a beautiful period. Having the album finished in your hands is always an amazing feeling for a musician, after a long period of intense work.


BV: From where the initial ideas come from your compositional process?

Bianzi: The ideas can arrive in different ways. I can work on a little idea on the piano and develop it, or I can start from a bass riff or a drum groove. I always try to look for the core of a musical fragment and follow it, to realize all its potential.


Tiziano with his trumpet

Tiziano with his trumpet


BV: What concepts have you explored in your recent work?

Bianzi: In this period I am looking to integrate more electronics and rock elements in my ‘jazz’ music. I have always worked with rock bands and electronic music, and I am trying to find a way to connect them naturally in an acoustic environment. If in ‘Now and then’ I was looking for peace and kindness, on the new one I will be looking for energy and life enthusiasm.


BV: What composition you are currently working on?

Bianzi: I have some drafts of original music that I am working on, trying some solutions and instrumental combinations. The experimental part can take me some time until I find the general sound that I am looking for. From that moment on, the compositional part is quite fast.


BV: Do you still teach Jazz at the Conservatory?

Bianzi: I still teach ‘Jazz Improvisation Techniques’ at the Conservatory privately. I am currently organizing a workshop with College of Music Professor, Tiger Okoshi from 6thSeptember-8th September in my town of Castelnovo ne’ Monti, Italy. He was my teacher at Berklee and he is a legendary trumpet player, who has played with many of the biggest world musicians. We will also perform a big final concert at the city Theatre ‘Teatro Bismantova’ with my band and all the students.


BV: Tell us about your achievements throughout your musical journey.

Bianzi: I always felt like being at the beginning of my musical journey and that, the best has yet to come. So far I have achieved a Degree in Classical trumpet, a Bachelor Degree Summa Cum Laude in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music and had the chance to travel in many parts of the world because of music. I feel blessed for this opportunity and I hope I can share my music throughout the world as much as I can. I consider doing an album under my name, with original music and the artistic production of Tiger Okoshi, released also in Japan under Pony Canyon Records, my biggest achievement so far.


BV: How you feel performing in India? How different it from performing in other parts of the world?

Bianzi: I will arrive next week in Mumbai to perform at ‘The Finch’ with the ‘Tarun Balani Collective’ and this will be my fourth time in India. I am really excited since every travel to India was special and it left me with something special every time. I was impressed by the attention and respect that the audience gives to the music and the musicians. It was also great to see many young musicians at our concerts, and their enthusiasm to talk with us after the show.


Tarun Balani directs a great school in New Delhi, ‘The global Music Institute’, and I had the chance to meet many young students and feel this great vibe also there. It is always a great pleasure for me to come to India and have the chance to perform.


The trumpet player

The trumpet player


BV: What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

Bianzi: My advice would be to follow your passion if you feel it. Put everything in it and take it seriously. Music is demanding, the more you put in it more it gives back to you. The journey is lifetime long, so enjoy the process of practicing, looking for gigs, knowing other musicians, traveling. Be always professional and respect the other people, feeling part of a world community who shares a great passion and love for the music.


BV: Highlight on your upcoming shows.

Bianzi: I will be in Mumbai performing on August 31st and September 1st at “The Finch” with the ‘Tarun Balani Collective’. On September 8th I will play with Tiger Okoshi at the ‘Teatro Bismantova’ in Castelnovo ne’ Monti, Italy, as the final event of a three days’ workshop.  On October 16th I will be in Berlin at the ‘B Flat Jazz Club’ to perform ‘Now and then’ with my quintet. You can follow my tour schedule on my Website and Facebook page: or

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