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6 Unique, Experiential, Travel Start-Ups By Indians You Should Know

6 Unique, Experiential, Travel Start-Ups by Indians you should know!


Nowadays people are looking for rich travel experiences that go beyond mere sightseeing. And, a number of offbeat travel companies in India cater to such travellers. Here are few Indian travel start-ups that bring to you varied options, each with a unique flavour and twist on traditional travelling.



  • No Thepla Holidays


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Three friends came together to pursue their passion for travelling, and No Thepla Holidays was born. They organize group travels where not everything is planned to the ‘T’. Partying and adventure sports; biking and hiking; dancing on a boat and letting go of all stresses – they offer these and much more. Many of the trips have music festivals, sports, or art events on the itinerary. For those of you who want to go to exotic destinations, with like-minded travellers, No Thepla Holidays are just what you are looking for.



  • Girls on the Go Club


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An exclusive women’s travel club, GOTG is a travel and tourism start-up that offers interesting trips all over the world. This group was started by Piya Bose, who wanted to share her joy of travelling with other women. GOTG is all about unique experiences: star gazing in Mudumalai with an Astronomer who has an asteroid named after him; cruising in Antarctica; living with headhunter tribes in Nagaland. It is the ideal option for women in search of adventure and fun-based travelling.



  • Plan the Unplanned


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Plan the Unplanned specialises in quirky, offbeat trips around Bangalore and Mumbai. These weekend trips comprise treks, camping, fun activities, and lots of cultural exploration. You can also opt for their longer treks, weekend camps, and many other adventurous trails. They invite you to not just go, but also explore through – interacting with locals, networking with fellow travellers, understanding local biodiversity, and looking beyond horizons.



  • This Guy’s On His Own Trip


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Neeraj Narayanan travels for a living. His unique brand – This Guy’s On His Own Trip – is famous for his trips all over the world. Each trip is crafted with much thought, to add elements of surprise and adventure. Think dancing to Bollywood songs, getting pushed into a river, stopping for a snow fight, jumping off a cliff – a ‘This Guy’ trip is full of such moments. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and have a whale of a journey, check out one of his group travels.



  • The Travel of Art


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The Travel of Art offers holidays that bring you closer to art and artists. These journeys offer a chance to interact with rural artisans. Immerse yourself in traditional Indian artforms, such as Pattachitra in Orissa, Persian crafts and Ganjifa art, spend time with National-award winning artists in Udaipur, and much more.



  • Byond.Travel


BananiVista, travel


As their name suggests, Byond.Travel is all about journeys that go beyond the destination. They craft their journeys to bring together like-minded travellers. And, they offer something for everyone – yoga enthusiasts, bikers, moms, kids, single women, wine tasters and adventure seekers. All their travel journeys ensure high quality accommodation, experienced guides, me time, good culinary experience, fun activities, and comfortable transport.


Start-ups in travel industry have become increasingly common. However, those who are passionate travellers themselves go a long way with such ventures. So, the next time you want to travel and are looking for company, check out some of these travel groups.


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