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“Show me the triangle, Lakshya”, I mentioned him and he would search for various shapes, sizes and number. Using his analytical skills he would search for the triangle. “Mom, can I put it inside the triangle?”, he asked enthusiastically. “Yes, show me where is the triangle?”, I told.


Shumee Toys

Shumee Toys


As a mom, I enjoy playing with my son. However, I always pick his toys cautiously right from the beginning.  Taking into consideration the material, its utility and its usage in skill development of my child, I prefer choosing his toys. This way my son not only enjoys playing but also learns about the world around him. When Lakshya was a baby I gave him rattles and toys with fascinating colours that make music and he loves playing with them as they stimulate in developing vision too.


As he is growing I was looking for toys which explore object permanence and can build his motor skills helping hand-eye coordination. As his knowledge expands, we as parents should provide them with new and different educational opportunities.  I was in search of toys which are designed keeping the age of the kids in mind. Somewhere I read about shape sorters which are great for toddlers. This is when one of my close friends recommended “Shumee”.  The moment I browsed their website I was enthralled to find a wide variety of toys.  From infants to toddlers they have finely designed toys for each and every kid.  Not only this, they have a variety of books too.


As my child is about to reach preschool age, I thought it’s time for him to start learning about alphabets, numbers and language skills. Hence, I was on a lookout for such type of toys when I found the “Shape and Number House” in Shumee.


The Shape and Number House

The Shape and Number House


The moment the package reached my door, I and my son couldn’t wait to open it. It came with a good packaging- with a cardboard box and bubble wraps.  The “Shape and Number House” is so colourful that my kid jumped with joy the moment it got unpacked. It’s a unique toolbox shaped educational toy house.  The “Shape and Number House” is a basic tool that one can use anywhere, either you are at home or you are travelling with your baby.


The body comprises of six colourful panels, three wooden bars, and screws.  Drop in openings from zero to nine in the wall. Seven unique shapes with corresponding drop-in-holes on one wall.  Your kid can also do simple addition and subtraction with + and – signs and combination digits. We can also teach time with the colourful clock. It is handy and easy to grab the toolbar to lift and move the house as needed. Not to worry about the storage of the small numbers and alphabet pieces, we can store it inside the house.


Kids can play with numbers, alphabets and also learn time

Kids can play with numbers, alphabets and also learn time


And most importantly, it is made of eco-friendly materials and bright natural, non-toxic, water-based paints keeping in mind the child’s safety in mind. The wood used is of good quality, edges are smooth and child can hold it without any harm. To buy this “The Shape and Number House” click here.


I can say that I’m a happy customer as well as a happy mom too after the purchase. I will definitely look for all the available ones and would like to recommend to all the moms out there.


Shumee is an online brand for sustainable, eco-friendly and educational toys. Each toy has been designed after much research on how to engage, stimulate and entertain children in age-appropriate ways. Shumee Toys fuels creativity and imagination, natural wood, safe water-based paint (Lead-free), Plastic and Battery-free and long-lasting. 


Prioritizing child-safety, every Shumee toy adheres to strict quality control standards. These timeless, sturdy wooden toys withstand wear and tear and can be handed down as heirlooms, making them a great value for money.


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