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Top 5 Music App One Can Use To Enjoy Unlimited Music

Music Is All We Need!


Listening to music or downloading them is no longer the same as it used to be. We have swiftly moved from radio to cassettes, from cassettes to compact discs, from compact discs to pods, and from pods to online apps. Today, all you need is a music app, and you are ready to rock and roll.


Smartphone applications have invariably made life easy for all of us. The applications are loaded with almost all the songs that have ever been in Indian cinema. Yes, that is the beauty of these applications.


We bring to you the 5 top Indian music applications to download in your smartphone and get grooving whenever you feel like.



  • Google Play Music:

BananiVista, music

Google has finally tapped into the music streaming business with its app “Google Play Music”. It comes pre-installed mostly in all mobile phones with the google package of software and apps.


Just like all other streaming apps, google play music has a massive library of songs to choose from. It comes both in free and premium versions. While the free version allows you to just stream music, the paid version provides you with the opportunity to download songs as well.


The best part about this app is that it has Radio stations included in the app. So, while you always have the option of listening to songs, albums and self-created playlists, you can also tune into the radio to listen to the music of your choice.



99 INR per month per device



  • Apple music:

BananiVista, music

This is one of the best music streaming applications available in India. Priced slightly higher than googles music app at 129 INR per month, it comes with a huge library with over 50 million songs and an impressive UI which the users are sure to fall for.


The app also provides the options for a family plan where it can be shared between 5 devices for 190 INR per month. The premium version of the application allows both streaming of music and downloading them.


The only drawback that this app has is you need an Apple ID to create an account. While this might not be looked at as a major drawback (because mostly everyone owns an iPhone these days), the fact remains that you need an Apple ID to listen to download content from here.


Apart from songs and albums, the app also has a good number of podcasts tv shows and films available for streaming and download and this is its USP.



  • Indian Music Player:

BananiVista, music

This is the newest entry in the music applications of the country. It occupies less than 4 MB of disc space of your phone and is invariably one of the lightest application on the internet of the same category.


Just as the name suggests, this app showcases only and only Indian songs, be it Bollywood or regional. The app comes with a decent and easy to use UI and of course a good stock of Indian songs.


Features like shuffle and repeat mode and options to create unlimited playlists enable the users to easily move through various songs and playlists. It also allows you to set the song you are listening to as your ringtone or notification tone.


One cool feature of the app is that it allows background playing, which means you need not keep the app open to play songs. It comes with a notification panel using which you can change songs and shuffle between playlists without having to open the app.

Pricing: Free



  • Amazon Music:

BananiVista, music

Amazon Music is yet another offering from the giant Amazon. It comes as a bundled service with the Prime subscription. With more than 30 million songs in its repository, amazon music boasts of being one of the largest mp3 libraries.


The quality of the audio is pretty good, and one can easily shuffle between various playlists and songs with absolute ease. The UI is quite impressive, and the music is categorized in a sorted manner.


The main highlight of this app is it is voice controlled, just like Alexa. It is designed to take voice controls from you making life even easier. The app also offers chromecast support.


Pricing: 999 INR per year



  • Jio Music:

BananiVista, music

This is the latest offering from Jio. It comes bundled with the Jio mobile plan. Just like other streaming apps, Jio music also has a good stock of Bollywood and English tracks.


It has pre-defined playlists which include the top picks for the week. The quality of the songs in the app is pretty good.


Although bundled with the mobile plan, it is not mandatory to have the Jio sim in the mobile itself. The app also works over WiFi. It even allows Jio users to set a song as their caller tune.


The best part about the app is it is completely free.


So here you go folks, the top 5 streaming apps to choose from. Let’s download our favourite app and get grooving to some cool music.


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