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Tips On How To Wear Leggings: Get Stylish With Mix And Match Leggings

Get Stylish With Mix And Match Leggings


Leggings are a powerful piece of attire that has the power to make a style statement, but when you match them in a wrong manner, can prove to be a disaster as well. Leggings can be worn throughout the year and go well with almost any dress. Here’s your guide on how to use leggings wisely this summer.


  • Leggings look cute on the hanger in the light of the store, but not the same when stretched out, that too in natural light. Cute flowery prints surely look good when the leggings are on the hanger! When stretched out, they can create a completely different look. Be careful, what you pair your leggings with.


BananiVista, Match your leggings



  • The fabric of the leggings matters the most. You wouldn’t want to wear leggings made of cotton mixed with rayon or polyester! They sure look good but can make you totally uncomfortable in this heat of the summer. Cotton-based and lycra material is good to go. It is wise to invest in a pair of black and skin leggings as they can be paired with practically any dress. One can buy cotton leggings online from Myntra and Amazon.
BananiVista, match your leggings

Cotton leggings


  • If you have well-toned legs, you can easily make your fashion statement by pairing your leggings with a cool tank top or an off-shoulder top. Short Kurtis can be matched with darker shades of the same colour. If you are wearing hues and shades of the plain top, you can pair it with printed leggings. Buy printed leggings at best prices from Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. If you have shades of hot pinks, reds, and oranges, you can pair it with plain tops or Kurtis of yellow and peach hues. 
BananiVista, match your leggings

Dark colour leggings


  • Leggings give you added protection when you are out in the sun. You never forget your sunscreen on your face and arms. If you are wearing short dresses, your legs need protection too. Your best solution would be to go in for the conventional black leggings or skin shaded ones.                                     
BananiVista, match your leggings

short dresses with leggings


  • Here’s what’s trending this summer! You can match your leggings and shrug of the same shade with a printed tee. If your leggings are printed, match it with a plain V or round necked tee of lighter shades.
BananiVista, match your leggings

Printed leggings with kurti


  • Here’s a tip on how to choose the colour of your leggings with your stylish outfit. Choose a particular colour family: blues, pinks, oranges, peaches, reds, yellows, all the bright colours that you choose to wear this summer. Make sure your leggings and the top are closely enough related colours. If you choose a light colored top, go in with darker shades of leggings.
BananiVista, match your leggings

light coloured leggings


  • If you have printed leggings, match it with simple and plain coloured tops of your choice- tees, tank tops, kurtis, etc. You can finish of your look with a stole and dark coloured shades.
BananiVista, match your leggings

Light coloured leggings with stoles


Spice up your summer wardrobe with warm and cheerful colours as well as cool shades to beat the heat. Avoid thick materials of leggings, especially black. If you are wearing black leggings, go in for the light and cool lycra material. Let your leggings do the talking this summer!


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