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“The Sound of Silence”- A Debut Collection of Poems by Akanksha G Mittal

Book Review: The “The Sound of Silence” by Akanksha G Mittal


Cover: The cover of the book is simple and captivating. It resonates with the thoughts of the poet. The red colour signifies the desire, strength, and warmth of the emotions.

The Title: The title “The Sound of Silence” is apt as these are the expressions of the heart which can be expressed only through the verses.

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The Sound of Silence

About the book: The Sound of Silence by Akanksha G Mittal is a debut collection of poems. The poems express human emotions- love, longing, loss, melancholy, liberation, euphoria and gratitude. The poems are inspired by nature and love.  The poet has used the similes in a fantastic way; all I can find is nature which is beautiful- seasons, wind, snow, shooting stars.  The sketch and doodles displayed with each poem give an imaginative effect to the reader. Whether it is happiness or sadness, nature has it all to resemble-

“The ground and sky parted,

So the world could form and life come through.

But often the lonely sky cries river,

The only way it can touch the ground.

I think it feels homesick too.

While going through the poems I perceived a different way of understanding love. Mittal explains love as limitless, a power to raise her to the top of the sky and an instrument to set her free.  She describes love as hope in the midst of pain and sadness as she wrote in her poem “Rainbows”-

Thank you for creating rainbows,

When all I saw was rain.

The poet compares love with natural elements like fire, ocean, magic, and dismay.

The poems also demonstrate longing love keeping hopes alive. One of them is “Broken Pieces”

Perhaps one day we shall meet,

If not in body, at least in soul,

As our million broken pieces come together,

In an impossible bid to make us one whole.

She stresses the fact that when broken pieces come together they form the most beautiful creatures as mosaics.

Personally what fascinates me most about this collection is the idea of communicating strong messages- how one should learn to smile again after a break up thanking the almighty to give the power to live the life once again.

You’ll even ask God ‘Why?’,

Before your tears run dry.

Then again you’ll go numb awhile,

Until you find another reason to smile,

Then laughter will follow and you’ll shine,

All over again you’ll see the stars align,

And you’ll thank yourself for just trying.

That’s when your tears’ll truly start drying.

Keep trying when trying feels so wrong,

That’s the only way you’ll end up strong.


The poem “The Magic” speaks about how important it is to express the feelings rather than keeping it to themselves as that is when “magic” happens.

Oh, how I wish more and more people would believe,

That magic happens from wearing your heart on your sleeve.

As I mentioned that the poet’s inspiration is “Love” which is quite evident in her poems- “My poetry in You” and “An unparalleled dream”, where she mentions that writing about love is like making an art. Few lines from the poem “An unparalleled dream”, page number-73

As I scribbled about you,

My words seem to become art,

And to believe that that’s so true

Gently lay your hand on my heart.

She finds love safe and secure. It’s something is her own and find it her home. This illustrates better in the poem “I was home”.

And when you hugged me just a little tighter,

I knew I was home.

The poet wants to have peace from the hypocrite world and shows gratitude to God for whatever she is bestowed with. The poems at the end describe an aching heart, the poet longing for love. Overall, the poems come with a package of emotions from the perspective of the poet. The poems knit an emotional tale for the meander heart with a belief in life and light.


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