the purpose is you

The Purpose is “You”

Are you feeling down? Going through sleepless nights and getting off the bed with tears in your eyes? Are you feeling like all the negative things are happening to you? Do you want to stop going to work, preferring to stay on the bed, the whole day? Are you frustrated with life itself?
I am sure more than 60% of us have either passed through this phase or are even going through it right now. What is horrible about is not excessive sleeping or about not feeling like working; it’s about denial to face the real world. One may hear saying, “this person is going through a bad phase”. However, one cannot break through the bones and sit with the expectation that everything will be normal one day.
Make “Today” the day. Today is when you have to stand up for yourself.  It may be difficult, but not impossible. Family issues, relationship confusions, academic stress are some of the main reasons which contribute to this particular phase of life.
Every individual is strong and I believe the strength one has within, can withstand any kind of storm that strikes. Some people wonder and question God: Why me? Why me, every time? But understand that it’s not just you. The same thing happens to millions around you. What sets a strong person apart is how well one sustains herself and handles the situation.
Now, let us think what the solution to such a situation could be. Life is too short to mourn over petty things. Rather than weeping over what’s lost or worrying about what’s left; let’s move on towards the next! This article, I hope, helps all those who have started losing hope in their life.  Life is very interesting if you are just willing to only explore more. It’s fun, I tell you!
1) Stay positive:This is step one. No matter how rough the weather is, there shall always be the sunshine, sooner or later. You may have lost your property, had a nasty divorce, lost your high paying job, whatsoever it be; always know that something bigger and better waits for you. The only thing that one has to do is to have the courage and patience and grab your chance whenever it shows up. And grab it so hard that you will never lose it. Make the most of it.
2) Groom yourself as much as possible: Every individual is beautiful in their own ways. However, it is very important to refine yourself. Dressing up always boost up your energy. Don’t wear dull shades if you are down. Wear colors that brighten your day. Force yourself to look like a butterfly, full of colors. This will give you strength to kick start the day in an enthusiastic way.
3) Keep a healthy routine: Try doing some breathing exercises to keep yourself stress-free. One should at least spend 15 minutes calmly and concentrate in the breathing process before gearing up for the day.
4) Stay away from your phone: Don’t pick up the phone if you don’t think it is necessary. Try to stay away from the phone, stick to your own business.
5) Songs, chants or religious Mantras that elevate your spirit: the right kind of music helps in boosting up the energy level. Start your day with some great music that rejuvenates you. For me, it’s “Come with me now- Kongos”. However, if you are religious then go for some religious Mantra or hymn.
6) Cook for yourself:Cooking is such a stress buster. Try it, no matter how pathetic you cook. Someday you will get better.
7) Avoid junk food:People who are depressed easily fall for ice creams, coke and chips. Going on a junk diet will not de-stress you rather it may cause health issues.
8) Don’t starve yourself: Under depression, many people go for a hunger-strike by choice. That wouldn’t help in bringing your situation back to normal. One should stop punishing oneself.
8) Fix your things on your own: Don’t depend on others to complete your task. For example:  Do your laundry or clean up the hall.
9) Stop bringing your office to home: Stop piling up the office work and bringing it home. Home is where one should relax and be in one’s own world.
10) Dance: Dance like a crazy dog whenever you get a chance. Forget everything that makes you feel bad, sad or either. Take yourself high, but not with liquor.
11) Inspiration: No one can inspire you better than yourself. It’s you who have the potential and power to go ahead for your life. Explore yourself and understand the power lies within.
So my reader’s go ahead and lead your life with a new zeal.
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