The Other Side of Gold Coin….

Shiksha was tired as she was heading the house carrying full of veggies. Both the bags were filled till the maximum that made her to limp while walking. Shiksha was tall, beautiful lady with wavy black hairs which was as dark as ebony that touched her back. She had beautiful big eyes with curled eyelashes which were painted with kohl. She had well defined lips and radiant skin. Overall, she was very attractive and charismatic.

Shiksha who used to take care of the house in such a way that people forced to say that she is Mr. Khanna’s daughter inspite of having her as Daughter in law. She is heart and soul of the Khanna’s house.

It is 5 o’ clock in the morning. Pressure cooker works as an alarm for Mrs. Khanna. The third whistle made her up from the bed. Mrs. Khanna was in her 50’s. Shiksha starts her day at 4.30, take bath and offer prayers in the temple. She then hurriedly rushes into the kitchen and start preparing the delicacies for the day. She prepares authentic Dosas, mouth-watery Chole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, delicious Poha and many more. Mrs. Khanna never gets tired praising Shiksha’s Poori-sabji. She is everybody’s favourite. Her younger brother in law treats her as if she is her real sister. He used to share every top secret of him and until and unless he shares with his “Bhabi”, he used to become restless and behaves like a mad dog. He was Bhabi’s cute Rajiv. 

Mr. Khanna was a retired general. For him, time is everything. He believes in doing everything at the right time, neither before nor after. He used to jog early in the morning and by the time he used to come back, breakfast should be ready at the table and he wants his daily to be at his doorstep which he collects while coming back. One cannot say he is strict or stubborn but he wants everyone to learn about the importance to Time. 

One of the most important duties for Shiksha was to keep her husband’s clothes on bed properly ironed in a crisp manner. Gaurav was impulsive, a little lazy unlike other members of the family. This demarcates him from his other family folks. He has his breakfast alone in the big dining table and always gets pissed off if he couldn’t find a single accessory of himself. He was completely dependent on Shiksha. But he never had the feeling of having a great wife. He married her just for the sake of marriage.

Gaurav, he is a male chauvinist. He has that typical mentality that women are inferior to men. Hence, this can be seen in his daily behaviour. Shiksha was very happy in her life. She never have any problem neither with her husband nor with her in-laws. She also loves them as they love her unconditionally.

But, there is an ugly truth in Shiksha’s life which nobody was aware of. Shiksha was a qualified woman. She had the capability of doing every sort of jobs and she even keeps herself updated about the world either through BBC or the daily. She enjoys her life. But, there is a big “BUT” in her life. It’s none other than her husband, Gaurav. It’s been two long years that Shiksha and Gaurav were in that nuptial knot. However, all their discussions end in an argument. Shiksha couldn’t be able to say a single word in order to correct him. Shiksha used to do this just to keep the marriage. She has the hope in her heart that one fine day everything will be all right. Her life also becomes normal like other couples. She was living her life in that myth.

Gaurav’s parents didn’t have any idea of this mess that was there in between the two. They never show in front of them. For them, they are the happiest couple on earth. But, things change as time passes.

Shiksha was sobbing badly somewhere in the kitchen corner. She had done this a several times but this time was different. Her face was red, eyes were tired and tears were flowing down her cheeks. She was mentally disturbed but as she was a bad decision maker, she decided this time something strong for herself. This time she had got no fears for society, she forgot about the insult to be faced in her parental house. She forgot about her beloved in-laws also.

Its half an hour Gaurav had gone to office. Shiksha went to her room and tried to give a second thought. But, she found that she cannot do that. She started packing her stuff and decided to leave the house. She doesn’t have any idea of what to do next. She just knows that she has to come out of that dirty shit that is linked with her life. She took a step and went to Mr. and Mrs. Khanna’s room.

“May I come in Maa”, Shiksha asked in a craked, sad voice. Come in Beta, Mrs. Khanna replied in her usual soft tone. How do you doing Shiksha? Mr. Khanna asked. Shiksha lost all her control power and bursted out in tears. Both Mr. and Mrs. Khanna got shocked and cried together, “What happen Beta?”

Shiksha held up her head and started narrating the whole story. Shiksha was sobbing and said, “It is a story of every night when he came back from office. For some reason or the other he will shout at me, scold me and abuse me. He used to abuse my family members too. I never mind anything, thinking that it will be a story of each and every family. Hence, I unconditionally continue loving that person. What I have not done for that person? I was always ready for that person both physically as well as mentally.

But I think destiny has written something else on my forehead. I keep doing things and always tried satisfying him but all was in vain. Every morning, I used to keep his tea ready just because he wants his cup of bed-tea. I never ask him to go to the temple and ask him to offer prayers because he doesn’t like it. I try to prepare the best delicacies in his lunch box thinking that may be my preparations can fill love in his heart but I was wrong. I thought of doing something as I am qualified enough to do a job. But, only because of him I stopped. I cannot talk to my friends because he thought I am talking to some guys and doing non-sense stuffs. But still I kept quiet. I never complained neither to you nor to my life.
But yesterday night, when his devil steps went into the room I somehow got scared. He was intoxicated. His eyes were blood red, forehead was filled with sweat and his body was stinking of liquor. He came straight away and asked me to remove his shoes. I did as he commanded. He came closer to me but I somehow couldn’t resist the smell and told him to change and freshen up.

He held my hair tight and tried to kiss me hard. He kissed me as hard as he can and I feel blood coming out from my lips. I pushed him and tried to control him. He got irritated by my actions and throws me on bed. He tried to make out yesterday night. But I really didn’t want it to happen because he was not in his senses. Since he cannot ever admit men to lose the game, he forcefully had intercourse with the weak lady. I feel as if I got raped by the hands of a devil. He got fully satisfied by doing so. I was crying out and then after few minutes I wrapped myself onto the clothes. Suddenly, he came from behind and again undressed me by snatching my clothes. I was crying and begging him to stop the cruelty but my words were left unheard. I pushed him hard onto the bed as I tried of getting rid of him. He fall on bed and pulled out his belt from his waist. I think the leather belt was never used for such a novel cause. After an hour my whole body was burning as if somebody put fire on my whole body. From then I felt like I am a living corpse with blood and life in it.

He abused me like anything. He told me that if I have to be with him I have to be his slave. I have to be under his feet. I have to be available for his needs and finally he told me that his biggest mistake was the marriage and that too with a girl like me.

I decided to free him from myself. I always come back to him thinking that after every dawn follows a day. But I lost my patience after these two long years. It started a beautiful voyage with Gaurav initially for couple of months. I don’t have any beautiful memories other than those. I think my journey ends up here. I don’t want to punish him or take revenge because it is totally his mental fault where he sows the seeds of chauvinism. One day he may understand the fact that marriage is all about two people staying in equal terms. There is no sort of competition where one has to pull the other down. I tried to make him understand in every manner but at last I lost my individuality.

I should leave now mummy, Shiksha said. She added that she will always be their daughter and would like to be in their hearts. Rajiv was quietly listening to her words and rose in anger. But, Shiksha told nobody can make Gaurav understand. He will understand when time will come. She took her bag and left Khanna’s mansion.

After 6 months,

Shiksha was interviewing in front of press. She got the stylish haircut and was in a beautiful short gown. All this was for Shiksha’s new book release “It’s all about happiness” She was very happy as ever. She got a job and released the book that she was writing when she was doing her bachelors.

On the other hand, Gaurav was leading his normal life with most difficulties. Gaurav like as always wake up late in the morning, but he couldn’t find that cup of hot tea next to his bed. Because of his dirty and cheap deeds his parents also couldn’t show much of their interest on him. They almost neglect him as they couldn’t ever imagine in their dreams that his eldest son will do such a dirty stuff. He didn’t even find his clothes pressed and since he was too lazy to do these, he hardly presses his clothes. The maid served breakfast to him. It was not his chola bhatura now. It was normal poori-bhaji . Day by day, Gaurav was missing the taste of all the delicacies. Not only food, he started realizing that his life became tasteless and he was the only reason in making his own life miserable. It’s not only his personal life; his work-life too got badly affected. He found himself in the midst of Bog. 

Gaurav was sitting in the couch and was taking his first sip of tea and suddenly the door bell rang. Mrs. Khanna asked the maid to open the door. Once the door opened, maid screamed in happiness, ”Malik, Chotti Malkin has come. Everybody rose from the places wherever they were and rushed towards the main door. She just took ashirwad from Mr. and Mrs. Khanna and passed a cute smile to Rajiv. She told, “Mom, Dad!! Your daughter has come here to seek your blessings. My new book has got released”. They insisted her to spend some time with them but she refused and told that she has got plenty of work to be done.

 In the mean time, her eyes could see somebody in their black couch who was constantly gazing at her. It was none other than Gaurav, he slowly went towards her and opened his mouth. “Sorry, please forgive me for what I have done to you. I am realizing and regretting for what I have done”, Gaurav told in a low toned voice. Shiksha was moved for a second by her emotional instincts. But somehow she controlled herself and took away her eyes from him. She didn’t utter a single word and left the castle leaving behind the footprints of a bold, convinced, courageous, fearless, hopeful, positive, satisfied and self-assured woman.

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