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“Investigation”, the word itself triggers an adrenaline rush through our veins. The moment we confront activities related to Crime Investigation we become attentive, watchful, and aware. People flock around television sets when the famous B.P Singh’s CID or Subramanian S. Iyer’s Crime Patrol are featured in Indian Entertainment Channels. Even today, the craze among the youths and the elderly for the above detective shows is as lively as before. These detective series have a default way of solving the case. Let’s take the example of CID. It begins with a small introduction of the background, the murder, summon of CID, investigation of the case and finally the resolution. The famous ACP Pradyuman and Daaya’s incredible way to break the doors always capture our attention. The plot always built around fear, thrill, suspense, anxiety, tragedy and intelligence however the creative aspect is squarely ignored. However, have we ever given a thought on connecting detective stories with some of the creative segments? Sounds weird, right? How many of us believe that detective stories can be creative, colourful, inspire fashion and still be most interesting? I know this must have increased your curiosity however allow me to demystify now. I am talking about a new web series which is undoubtedly a detective one but I better call it as a fashion detective series. I am sure you are going to love the series and hence I am here with the main actor to know more about her personal self, her challenges and her convictions.

 Alisha-The web series


A fashion blogger, an actor and a writer best describes my guest, Lianne Texeira. Personally, she is an easy-going, a horror film addict, an avid reader and an exceptional cook. She chose acting as her career and got into Whistling Woods International, Mumbai. This is when the concept of “Alisha”, her first web series evolved in her mind. During her academic years, she kicked off writing the episodes of her web series and ended up being its writer, creator and actor of the show. Being a film and a fashion buff, she beautifully integrated the two antithetical concepts of detective and fashion in her most trending web series named “Alisha”.



Lianne always wanted to work in Mumbai but she misses the US too. Three years ago from now, she started her fashion blog, Mermaids Wear Mascara, worked on few fashion films and wrote several articles too. Her idea was to commit to social media trends and keep the audience engaged. She suggested that being a blogger one should listen to one’s inner voice that sets you apart from the rest.

Texeira’s sense of fashion is highly influenced by her mother. She started showing up her interest towards fashion since childhood. The web series is an extension of her stylish personality. Initially, she thought of putting her written episodes on her blog however destiny took her to somewhere better, in fact the best. Her script was accepted by the Indian Media Company “The Culture Machine” and she didn’t look back.
The series is directed by Akansha Seda and it took almost three days to shoot a 20 minute episode. This is aired online on Culture Machine’s lifestyle channel, Blush.The character “Alisha” resembles Lianne’s own self being a connoisseur in fashion. The uniqueness of the series is the perfect blend of fashion segment with investigation. This fact made the web series famous among the young crowd.
 Alisha is a strong observant. She observes almost everything from the dark eyed kajal till the tip-toed heels. She is young, an U.S. return and tries to get her feet on in the City of Dreams, Mumbai. During the course of finding a job, she discovers herself being a sleuth. She loves her new career as every page untangles a new mystery providing us a new moral.
She shared the screen with one of her best friends Sarah Hashmi. She had an amazing experience with her. Sarah played the role of Tanny, the sidekick in this series. Tanny helps her friend, Alisha in revealing the truth and unleashing justice. “It was fun. She’s a close friend and we have a blast whether it’s on or off camera, says Lianne.

 Sarah and Lianne


For the interests of the sponsors, the makeup and costumes had to be girly and pretty which was one of the challenges. Lianne remarked that she would have gone all out grunge and rock and roll if she would have done the styling. In addition to these, keeping the essence of her stories while transcribing on screen proved challenging.
According to Texeira, Fashion is subjective and she doesn’t take it too seriously. But, she loves to take certain risks with style which is a kind of adventure. She mentioned that Gauri & Nainika, Masaba and Manish Arora are her favourite designers. However, she is a high street junkie and discloses that online shopping is her biggest weakness.                 

If you haven’t watched “Alisha” then it’s the perfect time to treat yourself with the fun. Catch the duo in their new avatar.  But, remember do not step out without kajal, Alisha must be watching you!


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