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10 Solo Female Travel hacks to boost your confidence.

There is always a serious qualm around when “Solo Travel” takes the privilege of a conversation or even people sound terrified if a woman decides to travel all alone. However, the rise of female solo travelers is quite overwhelming. It’s good to know that nowadays women are thinking differently and glad they are coming out of their four walls to explore the world.


Most of the women show positive signs on the thought of solo travel however their major concerns are family, society, safety, the place they are traveling to and the journey altogether. But do you really think all these things can stop you from living your dreams? If you really want to take this up, I’m sure you will. The only thing what I would like to convey is “Solo travel” is mostly about taking care and understand yourself, by being careful of your own footsteps. Solo travel can help you solve your own riddles. You need to boost your confidence before taking this up, hence check these 10 solo female travel tips that may help you in taking up your solo this time. Here we go!


  • Day Arriving: Arriving at a new place is fearsome. Always try to reach your destination before the sun sets so that you will have enough time to figure out everything before you set to explore the city completely.
  • Accommodation and Commutation: Prefer to stay near a bus station or auto stand so that it will be easier for you to commute even in late evenings.
  • Stay in a certified place: Wherever you stay, either a hotel or a homestay make sure it is certified. Look for the reviews and authentication by any travel company before proceeding for the bookings. Do not choose secluded places for your stay.
  • Research is the key: Travel as an informed traveler not as a tourist. Do the homework regarding the place, the local culture, community, food joints and rules and regulations specific to the place. Make a note in your pocket diary as at times technology ditches when we need it the most.
  • Carry your valuables safely: According to me, prefer not to carry any valuables. Avoid wearing gold jewelry or stuffing your purse with innumerable cash. You can manage with beautiful imitations and keep the moderate amount in your purse that can help you when in danger. Try to keep the cash in two parts, keep one portion in your regular purse and some portion in another bag.
  • Wear decent clothes: It’s true that whatever we wear it’s on us but it’s not a smart choice to be an easy prey for the notorious predators unnecessarily. Since we are all on ourselves in the solo trip so let’s take the utmost care of ourselves.
  • Check out your drinks: Be on a limit with your drinks. Do not over drink and let yourself do any harm. Get high with the happiness but not with the drinks.
  • Don’t trust: It’s not advisable to trust each and every people you meet during your journey. It’s not necessary that people turn out to be good who talks to you nicely.
  • Look after yourself: This is arguably the most important. Since you will be all alone in this trip hence you are the one who needs to take care of yourself. Carry all your essential medicines, first aid box, necessary stationaries, and of course don’t forget to carry your tickets and passports, wherever necessary.
  • Inform back home: Inform your family members or close friends of your move so that they can keep a track and can help you in the case of unexpected danger and emergencies.



If you have anymore tips from your experiences, please feel free to mention in the comments section. This will be of great help to other solo women travelers.

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