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Sweet Potato- A Powerful Nutritional Punch

Super Food Sweet Potato- Know Its Benefits & Quick Recipies


Are you struggling controlling your blood pressure or fighting with regular constipation? Then the answer to your questions lies in this tuberous vegetable- Sweet Potato. A starchy, sweet tasting vegetable is considered as one of the healthiest foods and is a complete package of nutrition and taste. According to the facts,A medium sweet potato contains about 400 percent of a person’s daily Vitamin A requirement.


They are rich in fibre and natural sugar and contain fewer calories. The peel of sweet potatoes contain some antioxidants, especially the purple sweet potatoes thus helping in reducing cancer and are also beneficial for eyes. Its leaves have the potential to protect the body from lung cancer.


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On getting cooked, its flavour is buttery and there is no need to add any sugar to it. They are very rich in Vitamin B-6, and this vitamin helps in the production of neurotransmitters which is a chemical good for the brain.


Sweet Potatoes are usually mistaken as Yam but the fact is that both of them are not relatable. They are just similar in a way that both come from a flowering plant and are tuberous vegetables.



Sweet Potatoes vs. Yam


Sweet Potatoes and Yams are often mistaken as the same thing but the only similarity in them is that both are starchy vegetables and somewhat look alike. Fleshed orange, the sweet potatoes have varied skin colours like white, orange, yellow, or purple, while the colour of the flesh of Yams could be purple, yellow or ivory. Sweet Potatoes offer higher levels of nutrition than Yams. They provide more beta-carotene and are also lower in calories. However, Yams are a good source of fibre and potassium.


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Since they are rich in beta-carotene, they provide Vitamin-A to the body which is helpful for people with infertility. Vitamin A increases production of sperm and also helps in sperm maturation. Sweet potatoes are known to have various health benefits for men. The root of sweet potatoes provides storage proteins which have anti-ageing benefits for the body. They are a source of Vitamin-E which helps men, increase the fertilization rate.



Quick Recipies:


After knowing so many benefits of it, people usually wonder how to cook sweet potatoes. The best way to consume them is to bake them. The vegetable needs to be washed well first. Pierce the potatoes deep into the flesh and then wrap them with aluminium foil. Now bake them in an oven for about 45 minutes until they become soft.


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Another sweet potato recipe could be the mouth-watering sweet potato fries. Cut the potatoes lengthwise thoroughly after washing them. Dry them in a towel and toss them in cornstarch. Now fry them for about five minutes followed by seasoning with salt.


One can also boil it and mash it while consuming. This helps in the better digestion of Vitamin A. Boiled sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index and helps in the slow release of sugar in the body.



Who should avoid a Sweet Potato?


Diabetic and people having weight issues can have it in minimum quantities. Individuals having clinical problems related to Kidney or gallbladder should consume after consulting with their physician.


So friends this time “you visit the grocery store make sure you get sweet potatoes in your cart” as they have a lot of health benefits and are also easier to cook with rich tastes.


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