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Surajkund- The Largest Craft Fair In the World

Visit Surajkund Mela To Get A Glimpse Of The Delectable Slice Of Indian Culture


We always keep taking of India’s culture and heritage, but how many of us really know of the Surajkund Mela? The Surajkund Mela has been upbeat and running since the last 32 years. The fair is a brainchild of the Ministry of Haryana, in conjunction with the ministries of tourism, textile, culture and external affairs, and pan over a period of 15 days. If you have missed visiting this year, do not to worry. Surajkund Mela is going to be held on February 01-15, 2019. So book your tickets soon to evidence the real India.


The fair serves as a perfect venue to display the charms of traditional Indian heritage and cultural activities. The Surajkund fair awaits the participation of small-scale industries, craftsmen and handloom experts, who can come and peacefully transact without having to worry about the middleman.


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The fair is large; panning over an area of 40 acres of land. There are over a 1000 working huts employed to enable craftsmen to work.


The Mela is a hotbed for thousands of Indian and International tourists. Over the years the event has procured international recognition.


In the last two years, the government has taken the initiative to levy a ban on plastic during the duration of the fair (keeping the environment in mind). Also, there has been a fair amount of digitization that is introduced for any monetary transactions, making it convenient for tourists to enjoy a cashless experience.


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Who participates in this Mela?


The Mela witnesses the participation of all the Indian states. It also includes international entrants including those from the SAARC nations, and a number of participants from Africa, Europe, America and Australia as well. The visitors include a swell number of Indians and a growing number of international visitors.


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How to reach Surajkund Mela?


The Surajkund Festival venue is located at 27 kilometres (approximate) from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is located at a distance of 8km from the city of Faridabad. The destination is well connected by roadway, railway and airway.


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What is the cost of the tickets at the fair?


The tickets are rated at anything between INR 50/- to INR 180/-. The weekday and weekend prices vary.


What can one avail of at the Mela?


  • The Mela emerges as a shopaholic’s hub. Souvenirs from each state entice onlookers, luring them to buy the same. The wares include everything from jewellery, handicrafts, home decor, apparel and everything in between. There is a piece of culture for everyone to take back and cherish.


  • The Surajkund festival is fast emerging as a food lover’s paradise. Authentic delicacies from various regions are sure to take foodies on a gastronomical joyride. The fair also serves as a perfect platform for foodies who cherish revival cuisines that are probably on the verge of extinction. One can enjoy a wealth of Indian street food and also some of the traditional Indian seasonal dishes like the ‘Makki di Roti and Sarson da saag’ from Punjab, and the traditional Gujarati ‘Undhiyou’.


  • The Surajkund festival is fast emerging as a hub for international events too. The SAARC nations and other international participants take pride in showcasing their specialities too.


  • The mela comes alive with a hoard of activities that includes dance performances, skits, playacts, poetry recitals, and more. Each year the festival is dedicated to a particular state, whereby the art at the entrance and total set up comes alive with the proceedings and cultural elements of that state. The year 2018, was dedicated to the state of Uttar Pradesh.


While the fair remains one of the main attractions, there are a lot of other things one can enjoy around the fair too. These include visitations to the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary; the man-made wonder, Suraj Kund Lake and last but not the least, Siddha Kund (hot springs).


BananiVista, fair

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The Surajkund Fair offers a delectable slice of culture to one and all. It is a must go!


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