Entrepreneur Supriya Chadha wrote her own success

In Conversation with Supriya Chadha, an entrepreneur who has helped many others in different ways. 


In India, women tend to suppress their dreams and aspirations, especially after marriage. Some of them return to full-time jobs, some turn into entrepreneurs, yet some are there who want to start something of their own or want to utilize their talents in the best way, but stay confused about their passion and dreams.


Today, we bring to you the life and story of one such amazing woman who decided to pursue her dreams once again after her second child, and today she is writing her own success story. Supriya Chadha, the owner of Satya Xclusives is a lady of many talents and she is utilizing them to achieve her dreams all over again. From eclectic home decor to amazing chocolates and wedding favours, from Indian handicrafts to beautiful Corporate gifts, Satya Xclusives has a unique collection of products. Being an entrepreneur, she has also helped many people who were looking for a way to survive and supported them in many ways. Let us hear from Supriya about her aspirations, her motivations, and her successful executions.


BananiVista spoke to Supriya about her life, her journey as an entrepreneur and how she helped others to establish themselves.


Supriya's mantra in life...

Supriya’s mantra in life…


BV: Tell us something about Supriya as an individual.

[Supriya]: I am a go-getter, who has learned a lot from life. I am a fun loving and a family person as well, who passionately believes in women empowerment. Being a science student, I understand the importance of precision and maintaining the perfect balance. My love for travel has given me the exposure to the disparity that prevails in our country. In my journey as an entrepreneur, I strive to help those Indian artisans, who are highly skilled but either devoid of opportunities or are being exploited.


Supriya loves to travel

Supriya loves to travel


BV: How did you start your business? Was entering Entrepreneurship planned?

[Supriya]: Entering the world of entrepreneurs was an impulsive decision in 1998 that was driven by an inner craving to do something productive. By that time, both my children had already started going to school and I had some time and a huge desire to achieve something in life.


I started as a distributor for a start-up company selling Swiss-made products and established a well penetrated retail network in the entire NCR. I also successfully accomplished PAN India assignments for top corporate houses, banks, and mutual funds, giving them quality customized gifting solutions.


BV: Your brand, Satya Xclusives has so many sub-brands or sections. Tell us something about them.

[Supriya]: Keeping in view our vast range and the convenience of our clients, we have created sub-brands:


  • HASTKALA: With an elaborate range of metal, wood and glass handicrafts, HASTAKALA enables a seamless flow of eclectic traditional crafts from the Indian artisans to you.
  • DÉCOR XCLUSIVES: It is an exquisite collection of home décor products, handcrafted as well as precision engineered.
  • CHOCOLATES & GOURMET DELIGHTS: We believe that the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach and with our mouth-watering range of chocolates mixed with flavoured dry fruits, we want to not just enter but stay there forever.
  • BOX IT UP: Packings play a significant role in Gifting. A simple gift can relate to a fairytale if packed beautifully.


BV: In what ways, Satya Xclusives and S P Global are different from each other?

[Supriya]: Satya Xclusives is the storefront to M/S S.P. Global.


Satya Xclusives

Satya Xclusives


BV: You have provided employment or reselling opportunities to so many people. How did you get to know about them and how your endeavors have helped them?

[Supriya]: When I began working, I had to maintain the balance between family and work and I realized that women have both the capability and the drive to work. So, I started giving employment opportunity to unskilled women by providing them with specific skills. Most of them being available in the neighborhood responded enthusiastically and the rest is history.


I have provided a platform for people who, for different reasons were unable to do full-time jobs. My resellers can work at their convenient time and location and we at Satya Xclusives provide them with complete support.


My shift towards giving employment to rural Indian artisans has been a result of my desire to participate in the Government’s  ‘Make in India’ campaign and to see our rich heritage of rural crafts regain its lost glory.


BV: What are the biggest challenges that you have faced in life and how did you overcome them?

[Supriya]: Being a first generation entrepreneur, I had to invent the wheel and make it roll. Hard work, family support, and the digital revolution have been great enablers.


BV: How do you balance your personal and professional lives.

[Supriya]: The balancing phase is now in the past as my kids have grown up now. I have been lucky to have a supportive family who takes pride in my achievements and is always ready to reduce my load both at home and at the work front.


Supriya with her husband, Sandeep Chadha and daughters, Aastha and Aakanksha

Supriya with her husband, Sandeep Chadha and daughters, Aastha and Aakanksha


BV: Why and How did you start your own brand, CHOCOLATES and GOURMET DELIGHTS?

[Supriya]: Chocolates and other gourmet products were essential add-ons with every gifting requirement, be it for weddings, events, Diwali gifts etc. Initially, we were outsourcing them but inconsistent supplies and quality triggered the need for our own production unit.


BV: How do you source clients for your work or what is the USP of your business/brands? How long did it take to establish your brand?

[Supriya]: Customisation to the core, quality at an affordable price and respect for time are the key ingredients of our success. The brand establishment is an ongoing process. We are already a known name in the corporate world and wish to see a greater market share in the B2C segment.


A self-made entrepreneur

A self-made entrepreneur


BV: Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 5 years?

[Supriya]: Five years from now, I see Satya Xclusives as a leading player in the customized gifting business.




1) 3 words to describe your family.

Loving, supportive and progressive


Supriya with her daughter Aakanksha Chadha Gandhi and son-in-law, Kumar Gandhi

Supriya with her daughter Aakanksha Chadha Gandhi and son-in-law, Kumar Gandhi


2) What do you love to do the most apart from your work?

Chilling with my family


3) You started your business after your second child. Do you think there is a particular age to start something of your own?

The time is now. 


4) What has been your ONE biggest moment of happiness of achievement in your entrepreneurial journey?

Cracking the largest company in retail gifting (Archies) and one of the largest Tata Group Company Pan India orders simultaneously.


5) A piece of advice for women who want to start their own business.

Have faith in yourself and just do what you are good at.


Supriya is living her dreams. Are You?

Supriya is living her dreams. Are You?


BananiVista wishes her more success and milestones in her journey ahead.


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