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Super Chatori Mudra Keswani, A Food Blogger From Bhopal

Mudra Keswani Talks About Food, Her Blog & Lots More


Mudra Keswani is the first food blogger of Bhopal. She is a PR & Communications professional, Ex- hotelier, MBA Graduate and Social Media enthusiastHighly obsessed with food, she loves experimenting with food and sharing her culinary experiences. The Super Chatori has been awarded as The Best Restaurant Reviewer by The Food Bloggers Association, India. She has a dream of transforming the gastronomic landscape of Bhopal and aspires to be a connoisseur of art.


In a candid conversation, she spoke about her venture, dreams, hobbies and food! Presenting before you the excerpts:


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Mudra Keswani

BV: Hello Super Chatori! Tell us about you and your venture.


Mudra: I am just another little girl from Bhopal who loves to travel and bring forth the unexplored food culture of the City of Lakes. Bhopal has a vibrant culture and is home to the fantastic gastronomic landscape. Of late, it is bubbling with new rounds of development in its culture. The Super Chatori aims to make people familiar and aware of the food. I love visiting restaurants and checking out what’s new, experimenting with food, learning about it and sharing my culinary experiences and this is where The Super Chatori steps in.



BV: What inspired you to come up with a food blog?


Mudra:  When I was in my 3rd semester of MBA, out of the blues, an idea struck me to write a blog reflecting my food habits and experiences. During those times, I used to be very active on social media and so decided to go ahead with it. Since I belong to a Journalist family, the writer’s bug has been always there and though I am not a professional writer, I wish to be the one like my father. 



BV: What are your favorite regional cuisines or specific foods?


Mudra: To choose one for me would be a difficult task but still, Rajasthani dishes are amazing. To add more, I love Sindhi and South Indian food as well. When it comes to specific foods, there is nothing that could beat Chai!



BV: If ever you happen to visit a restaurant and you don’t like the food, what is your reaction?


Mudra: It happens quite often when you chance upon a restaurant and the food turns out to be a total disaster. I ask the concerned people whether they know how to prepare that particular dish! A few of them are flexible enough to admit their mistakes and assure of making changes and yet there are others who wouldn’t pay heed to your complaints. And there a review goes live on my blog! 



BV: Being a young food blogger, you might have come across many such food lovers. So, tell us about your favorite food bloggers.


Mudra: My favorites are:

  • Alka Keswani – Sindhi Rasoi
  • Kalyan Karmakar – Finely Chopped
  • Nikhil Merchant – Nonchalant Gourmand


BananiVista, blogger

Efforts being recognized


BV: What is the best part about being a food blogger and the worst part, if any?


Mudra: Being a food blogger, you get to eat and relish a lot. Traversing through the different varieties of food satisfies our taste buds.


The worst part is that people feel that it is the easiest way to earn. Moreover, one turns into a food blogger because one happens to get the free food!



BV: What is the one superpower you wish you had?


Mudra: Aah! I have this knack for food and my midnight cravings just get me crazy. So, if I had a superpower, it should be that I could go to any place instantly when my temptations rise high during midnights.



BV: Is blogging your hobby or a profession?


Mudra: Well, I would say blogging is my passion. I left my job in Hotel Industry at Bengaluru and returned to Bhopal because I wanted to explore the diverse food culture of my city. Being a food critic and restaurant reviewer gives me immense satisfaction.


Currently, apart from blogging, I am involved in freelancing and other family responsibilities. I write for several newspapers and I have collaborated with several brands as well. 



BV: What about your hobbies?


Mudra: I am passionate about cooking. I try my hands frequently in preparing different delicacies. I am a big time travel freak. My favorite places are calm and hidden places like Kannur, Ooty, Kerala, etc. Moreover, I love writing and listening to music. 



BV: What has been your proudest achievement?


Mudra: It was when I was receiving the trophy for the Best Restaurant Reviewer and my dad was right there in the audience smiling back at me. That was a proud moment for him. 



BV: What is the piece of advice you would like to give to the upcoming food bloggers?


Mudra: Just go and explore! There’s nothing that could substitute experience. Learn while you work and yes, do not copy others. Don’t be a blogger if your peer is the one. Choose your field after listening to our heart. Be passionate.



BV: How do you plan to take Super Chatori ahead?


Mudra: I have started making 1-minute videos as per the requests I have been receiving. So, apart from writing reviews on my blog, I will take my love for food on youtube too!



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