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Summer Vacations: The Best Time To Bond With Your Kids

That time of the year is again here where the kids are almost through with their exams and will have their summer vacations in some time.  For some kids, the vacations begin in April and for some in May.  The biggest worry of the parents during the summer vacations is how to keep the children engaged productively.


Bonding with kids- Credit:shuttershock

Bonding with kids- Credit:shuttershock


Kids get bored very soon and the parents are wary of sending them out in the sweltering heat.  Let’s admit it that in this day and age of gadgets, its very difficult to keep them off of the gadgets, especially the older children.


This summer vacation why not make it a special vacation for the kids by bonding with them and having fun as well.  Here are a few ideas to make your and your kids summers special:


  • A family that learns together has fun together. Don’t just enroll your kids in a class, get enrolled as a family.  It can be swimming, dancing, any sport, singing, painting, anything.  You will see that your kids will be happy to spend time with you.  Along with your kids, you will also learn something new.
  • Let go of the gadgets! Set gadget-free time and go for long walks, jogs, bike rides in the mornings. Have nice conversations.  Share your life experiences, hear the kids out without any inhibition.
  • Cooking with family is fun. Teach the kids basic and healthy cooking.  Summer vacation is the best time to teach the kids some great and easy dishes which are healthy too.  You can take them to the market to pick fresh fruits and vegetables.  Prepare the dishes from the scratch right from cleaning, chopping to cooking.  This is a basic life skill which will help the kids throughout their life.  They will also be more aware of healthy eating which will benefit their young bodies.  Also, cooking time will be a bonding time for the parents and children.
  • Shall we go for a vacation? Throughout the year everyone is busy with their work and studies.  Plan an outing during vacations.  It needs to be a very long holiday if there is time or money constraint.  The objective is to spend quality and stress-free time together.
  • Mealtime is the bonding time. Have your meals together, if not both lunch and dinner, at least have one meal together.  That should be totally a family time without any gadgets or distractions.  Though it should be a daily routine otherwise, during vacations, this can be followed more diligently.
  • Indoors is fun too. Play board games, indoor games with the kids.  Introduce them to age-appropriate books.  Ask them to find out new words and share your knowledge of vocabulary with them.  The kids might teach the parents a thing or two!
  • Love thy extended family. Visit the grandparents or other relatives if possible.  Let the kids learn more about their extended family.
  • Make your home a multiplex. Watch movies with them.  You may watch old classics, latest Hindi or English movies, animated movies.  Just make some popcorn, get some cold juice, and prop yourself along with your kids and enjoy the movies!


Let this summers bring you and your kids even closer than before.  Make the most of the holidays.  Summer vacation time should be a family bonding time.


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