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10 Hair Essentials to Flaunt Your Perfectly Stylish Mane

Are you confused about what hair care products to use, to keep your hair tamed? Choose the best hair care essentials from among thousands of gels, mousses, irons, combs, serums, etc. Here is a complete guide to having hair essentials to keep your best hair game.

  1. Hair Brush:

It is absolutely necessary to have 3 different types of hair brushes. One is the wide toothed brush that can be used to detangle the hair after a long day of styling. This is easy on the hair and does not cause hair breakage or force the hair roots out of the follicles. Pro Tip: Using a wooden wide-toothed comb gives the best results as it does not induce static charges that can tangle and pull out hair like the plastic based ones. The second type of hair brush that you must have is a fine-toothed brush that you can use for styling and combing. This improves blood circulation on the scalp and promotes hair growth. It also secures the hair strands in place. The third type of brush is a round brush. This is to be used when blow-drying hair. It adds volume to the hair and gives it a good shape. Detangle your hair before you use the round brush so that it is easier to dry hair without any breakage.


2. Shampoo:

Some people have naturally oily hair and some have dry hair. It is very important to know your hair type before you choose the shampoo. Also know the natural condition of your scalp, whether it is dry or oily or flaky and prone to dandruff. Based on your findings, choose the right type of shampoo to prevent these hair conditions. If you have dry hair and scalp, use a hydrating shampoo that prevents drying. If you have an oily scalp, use a shampoo that is suitable to prevent this condition.


3. Conditioner:

Similar to the shampoo, choose the right kind of conditioner for your hair type. If you have severely damaged hair, use a repairing conditioner that prevents hair breakage and dandruff. If you realize that your hair does not respond well to conditioners, refrain from using it. Choose the right kind of conditioner if you have frizzy and untamed hair. Make sure that you are using your conditioner right: wash off or leave in.

hair essentials, bananivista

4. Hair Spray:

If you are one of those style divas who like to experiment with different hairstyles ever so often, a good quality hair spray is a must. Flaunt your style quotient with various trendy hairstyles to match each of your outfits. Remember to cover your eyes before you start spraying.


5. Irons:

Be it perfect curls or a long cascade of perfectly straight hair, irons are the go to options. Invest in a good quality hair iron. Some things to note while choosing the best iron for you are the temperature control and settings, Teflon coated layer to prevent hair strands from sticking to the hot surface and burning and ease of use (you wouldn’t want burn marks on your pretty face!).

hair essentials, bananivista

6. Blow Dryer:

It is absolutely essential to have a good blow dryer with temperature and speed controls. When you blow dry your hair, it stays set for a longer period and saves time every time you style your hair. Use the moderate speed and temperature setting to get the best and safest results. Pro Tip: Maintain a safe distance between the section of hair you are drying and the other strands of hair. When not done the right way, the loose strands of hair might get stuck in the dryer and get ripped off.


7. Hair Oil:

Based on your hair and scalp type, use hair oils that give your hair scalp the necessary nutrition. There are various brands of hair oils with specific concentrates such as coconut, olive, castor, almond, gooseberry, etc. and essential oils too. Use the right combination of these oils to combat certain hair conditions such as frizz or dryness. Use hair oils as frequently as necessary, based on your hair type.


8. Hair Serum:

If you are suffering from a certain condition of the hair or scalp, use the right serum to combat it. Using a mineral based serum adds shine and texture to your hair. It also prevents frizz and dryness and keeps the hair hydrated and smooth, giving you it a salon-style finish.

hair essentials, bananivista

9. Hair Mask:

Hair undergoes a lot of physical strain when it is heated, cooled, sprayed with chemicals, etc. Use a nutrient-rich hair mask at least once a week to reverse the damage caused. Egg masks are rich in proteins, gooseberry masks are rich in Vitamin C and so on. Also, you can use a combination of nutrient-rich sources to prepare a good hair mask. You can either prepare the mixture with fresh ingredients at home or even opt for the readymade powders and concentrates of these ingredients. Pamper your hair with a hair mask for 1-2 hours and wash off as usual. Say hello to a whole new week of good hair days only.


10. Towel:

Though not many people consider the hair towel important, it is one of the most important hair essentials. Use a separate towel to wipe and dry hair. Do not use the same towel that you use after a bath because it can have dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin surface. A towel that is used for the hair should be soft, cotton based and light. A heavy or bulky towel pulls the hair from the roots due to its weight. Hair is in its weakest form when it is wet. A synthetic towel may induce a static charge that causes hair to get tangled and unmanageable. When using a towel, do not rub the hair vigorously. It damages the hair. Always make it a point to pat dry, and do not ignore the hair tips and the scalp region.

Now that your Hair Essentials are taken care of, bade hair problems and bad hair days a goodbye. Perfect hair days are in order. Show that your hair can smile too!

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