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Enjoy Being In High Quality Spa- Hydrotherapy By Clarks Exotica Convention Resorts & Spa, Bangalore

Relax, Rejuvenate The Tired & Aching Muscles In Clarks Exotica, Devanhalli, Bangalore


The use of water for the treatment of diseases dates long back in our history. The use of hot, ice-cold or steam water is prevalent to remove pain and promote physical wellness. This process is well-known in Europe and now it is slowly seen permeating in Indian markets too.


Hydrotherapy is defined as restoring, maintaining and regulating health by using water. There are many different treatments one can use when doing Hydrotherapy. Treatments can include but are not limited to hot or cold compresses, hot baths, high-powered jets, and steam rooms. For example, steam room treatments relieve water tension in the body by inducing sweat. This helps release impurities present in the body.


It is time to relax


At Seventh Heaven, Clarks Exotica, they have a few exclusive hydrotherapy facilities like Vichy shower and massotherapy along with couple Jacuzzis and single Jacuzzi. Vichy Shower and massotherapy are treatments that provide hot and cold water system which nourishes the skin and helps in body relaxation.


Hot water relaxes muscles and causes sweating, and is used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, poor circulation, and sore muscles. It can be used in combination with aromatherapy. Cold water hydrotherapy is used to stimulate blood flow in the skin and underlying muscles. Their regular customers are from the age group of 25 to 60 years. The price range starts from INR 3000 onwards.


They provide organics- green teas and fresh juices and green salads and fruit platters for couple packages. They have introduced spa offers and discounts to their privilege guests.


The combination of spa treatments and salon treatments- spa combo packages-


  • Spa getaway packages

  • Spa rejuvenating packages

  • Weekend spa packages


Book spa and salon treatments in Clarks Exotica to enjoy its wide health benefits to rejuvenate and stimulate your senses brightening your spirits.


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