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SOLITUDE – How Does it Affects Your Well-being?

Healing Power of Solitude


Solitude is creativity’s best friend, and solitude is refreshment for our souls.


Solitude has been often perceived as something which is undesirable. In the status quo, where we feel a constant urge to be in a company, seeking solitude is considered to be an anti-social tendency. But in reality, seeking solitude has nothing to do with sadness or depression. In fact, spending some exclusive time with yourself can have several benefits on your emotional and mental health. It should not be equated with loneliness. It is reiterated time and again that solitude is independence. It expresses the glory of being alone.


What is Solitary Confinement?


solitary confinement

solitary confinement


It is defined as the state in which one person seeks to cut contact with outside world and spend some time alone. In recent times, it has gained a wide popularity among the masses. With reference to the ancient times, the saints and sages used to immerse themselves in solitude for undergoing deep meditation. Their penchant for solitary confinement gave us a bouquet of valuable life lessons and wonderful theories.


How does Solitude affect our Body?

Solitude has been proven to reap miraculous benefits on our physical and mental health. Here’s how:


  • Stimulates creativity


    Solitude is a gateway to enlightenment!

    Solitude is a gateway to enlightenment!


    “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind.” Albert Einstein was right when he said this. History is full of examples to illustrate that majority of feats were achieved in total isolation. Being alone gives you space to cogitate upon your ideas and come up with fantastic masterpieces


  • Improves Memory

Immersing ourselves in the glory of isolation enhances our ability to focus and have a        better time remembering things.


  • Fights Insomnia

Mindfulness meditation helps to break the train of nagging thoughts and enthuse us with positive energy. It prevents us from engaging in deep thought and instead aids in focussing on our breathing.


  • Enhances Productivity

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation


Being by yourself gives your body and brain a chance to replenish itself and work with new vigor and energy. As you get away from distractions and interruptions, your mind gets cleared to think from a fresh perspective.


  • Relieves stress




Absolute silence facilitates the release of tension in the brain due to the changes in the blood pressure and blood circulation in the brain.


How does Solitude affect your Emotional Health?


  • Heightens Sensitivity

Spending ME time is said to have marvelous effects on our emotional well-being. The power of absolute silence increases the awareness in other areas. We become emotionally charged and stable.


being alone brings happiness

being alone brings happiness


  • Quality of Relationships

Once you spend time alone and discover your desires and identity, you tend to value the relationships in your life. The solitude aids in bridging the communication gap with your own self thereby improving your communication with others.


Solitary Confinement provides clarity in life. It drives our internal mechanism to think and reflect on our actions. With solitude comes an opportunity to reinvent yourself. There’s no doubt that for many, spending time all by themselves is an uncomfortable idea. The more we shy away from being alone, the more bound we feel. Therefore, it is a rather cool idea to just go out for a walk alone, watch a movie, go shopping or anything you like. Cultivating a meaningful and happy relationship with yourself will pan out promising effects on your personality.

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