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Skin Care Routine For A Long Flight To Make Sure That Your Skin Stays Nourished

Take Care Of Your Skin In These Simple Ways



Its time of the year when everyone’s planning for a special destination holiday, far away from the mundane lifestyle (in other words, stress). You can imagine a lot of special moments and tons of pictures (you can make the most of it by looking and feeling as fresh as ever).


Here is what you can do to keep your skin and hair at its best during a long flight to your favourite destination.


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When you are seated in an aeroplane cabin for long hours at a stretch, your body tends to get dehydrated faster, naturally. You are in an environment of not the freshest air because the cabin is sealed and does not allow any air from the exterior enter.


It is my personal experience that my skin feels dry and scaly, while my hair feels dreadful and limp. Also, I cannot deck up with cosmetics because my skin needs to breathe.


So how exactly do I take care of my skin and hair when I am flying off to beautiful and exotic places? Here are some helpful tips just for that:


Make sure you have a proper bath right before you leave for the airport. By proper bath, I mean, use an exfoliator- (Himalaya Gentle exfoliating apricot scrub) or a loofah to help your skin remain clear and breathable. Use a shampoo- (Loreal Professional Absolut Repair Lipidium shampoo) to wash off the oil and dirt from your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner (Loreal Professional Liss Unlimited Thermo cream) to keep your hair smooth, tangle free and frizz free.


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Branded products always help



Apply a mild moisturizer (Loreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel) on your skin. Use a cream based formula that your skin can absorb and not leave an oily layer behind. Also, try to use as minimal makeup as possible because after a while in the cabin, you tend to sweat and feel jittery because the makeup is blocking all the tiny pores of your skin.


If you really have to use make up for the flight, I suggest that you use the waterproof and smudge proof brands so that it doesn’t run down your eyes, halfway into the flight.


If you really have to look glamorous and fresh after a long flight, you can touch up just before landing. Make sure you are not overly decked up.


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Keep your skin hydrated



Another helpful article in your hand luggage would be a moisturizing hand cream and Vaseline (Vaseline pure petroleum jelly 13 Ounce). A hand cream is handy when you realize that you have a rough skin patch on your arms or face. The mere pressure in the cabin is enough to cause breakouts in your skin. Applying moisturizer in the area will immediately hydrate it and put your worries to rest. Palms and hands tend to feel extra dry for people with naturally dry skin ad this is exactly when your moisturizing hand cream comes to your rescue.


Try to relax when you are on a flight. Don’t be anxious. Anxiousness is known to cause excessive sweating which you definitely don’t want to deal with. Keep calm and enjoy the flight while your basic moisturizer keeps your skin happy and glowing.



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