BananiVista, Chandni Chowk

Shop Till You Drop: A Walk Through CHANDINI CHOWK Market

Shop Till You Drop: A Walk Through CHANDINI CHOWK Market


Scour the Lanes Of Chandni Chowk

Always been busy and filled with energetic people around, this place witnesses various people from all over the world. Autowaalas on one side, amateur photographers on the other side, enthusiasts everywhere, and such a pleasant sight one could have ever seen. One could feel the strange connection with the place immediately. Getting mesmerized by its beauty is another big topic and I can go gaga over this incredible place.


BananiVista, Chandini Chowk

This place is always busy


Chandini Chowk – ‘the moonlit square’, is one of the very famous places in Old Delhi. The place had a large square to which a central pool was attached. The water in the pool shined when the cool moonlight fell on it. It glittered and shimmered under the moonlight. So, it was named, the Chandini Chowk, the square that shines under the moonlight. It is also said that shops in Chandini Chowk were arranged in the form of a half moon, long back. Later, during the British period, this pool was replaced by a clock tower.


It was designed and established by the daughter of Shah Jahan, the person who built the alluring Taj Mahal. Jahanara Begum, the princess, the first lady to rule the Mughal Empire. It was built in 1650 AD.


This place represents the diversity in Indian culture. The princess divided this place into four sections, the Urdu bazaar, Phool mandi, kotwali, Jouhari bazaar. Years back, this place served as an e-commerce center and remained one of the favorite spots for merchants and vendors from all parts of the world.


BananiVista, Chandni Chowk

The complete shopping destination.


Today, it is one of the busiest and oldest markets in the capital city of India, Delhi. The place has a distinct character of its own. The endless narrow roads full of beautiful jewelry shops, books full of stories, fashionable textiles, essentials, electronics, delicious food items and much more. Apart from the shops, it also owns prestigious palaces called havelis and many religious buildings. These religious buildings include churches, temples, mosques thus promoting all cultures and religions. Every wall in Chandini Chowk holds a million stories of the kingdom. It is a perfect blend of ancient art with modern stuff.



Also fondly called the “Shoppers heaven”, “Secular India theme park”, “Hub of fashion”, “Hub of commerce”, “Living Museum”, this place signifies harmony, cultural diversity, and peace. Not just for the markets, one can pay a visit to Chandini Chowk for its architecture too. The ancient walls say a lot about the Mughal kingdom ruled once upon a time. Moreover, nowadays, a majority of the locals visit this place when they have to shop for their big day. Chandni Chowk is a complete “Not to Miss” when one is shopping for celebrations like Marriages.


People having a great flair for fabrics and dresses should visit the Kinari Bazaar. Similarly, Nai Sadak is book lovers’ paradise. Bhagirath meant for electronics for those scientists in the making. If you love silver jewellery, Dariba Kalan is the place. Khari Baoli for adding spices to the food. Located near the Red Fort and Lajpat Rai Market, situated the Chor Bazaar which literally means “Thieves’ Market”. One can find everything from electronic items to designer clothes. The prices are enticingly low but the life of the product can’t be guaranteed. However, if you are good at bargaining then you can buy the products depending on verbal assurances and on your own judgement. Meena bazaar for cosmetics, are some of the noteworthy places of this market. And one cannot take their eyes off from the tempting eatery shops there. Mouth watering jalebis, hot chutneys, and namkeens, should be tasted once you are here in Chandni Chowk.


BananiVista, Chandini Chowk

Mouth-watering food is here


The next time you visit Delhi, make sure, you pay a visit to this glorious place. ‘Chandini Chowk—-the happening place’. Shop till you drop! I’m off to shopping this weekend, where are you heading?


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