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Self-Defense : The Big New Fad That Should Stay!

The undying umbrella in the torrent


It’s very strange but absolutely true that whenever somebody is in trouble, the thought of being helped by someone strikes one’s mind. Have you ever asked why?

Why do we find ourselves paralyzed when it comes to encountering any danger or threat.
Why do we behave like cowards? Why can’t we be so strong to defeat any hurricane of our life?

The answer lies in the fact that is we never tried to fight alone. What we lack is self-confidence, strength, mental stability and the courage to fight. Those who possess these are no way angels but trained humans. What I mean is, in this era, self-defense is very crucial. It is just like an umbrella which saves you from the rain. You might get wet but you won’t be dissatisfied that you didn’t even try to save yourself.


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Be Strong

It not only saves you in terms of physical security but mental well being also. The training actually creates a protective shield around the person and helps to retaliate against the unwanted.

After hearing the word self-defense, you might feel it is the word which makes you ponder over women because of the recent past newspapers which have been filled with this word as the government has taken so many initiatives for the women to save themselves when stuck in the awkward situation.

So, is self-defense only for women? Have men contended with their state? Do they never feel suffocated? No that’s not true. Self-defense has nothing to do with gender.

In fact, it is the defense of one’s person or interests especially through the use of physical force which is permitted in certain cases as legal. Section 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 provides that:

“A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large.”


Aristotle once said,” Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.


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Your body is strong

Once you get to know yourself you can reframe it. For that, you need to be disciplined, vigilant, confident and balanced about whatever you do and fortunately, self-defense teaches you these. Human beings are certainly interesting creatures. We can convince ourselves of almost anything to be a turning point for an individual in adopting the correct mindset is the acceptance that “it” can actually happen to “them.” A revolutionary notion!

These techniques are not just body moves rather they are the gateway to your overall development. This is the reason why government emphasized the same. It was made mandatory for women and impotent to go through these sessions in schools /colleges/ training centers. Several programs were introduced to ensure women safety and have invested highly in them with every passing year.


To ensure the safety of women in large cities a sum of Rs.150 crore was spent. The buses or public transport was made comfortable for them. Black glasses were removed. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana has also funded a sum of Rs. 3000 crore.


It has long-term effects because the strength of the nation is counted by those who help in building it. Various tools are used like pepper spray, knives, belts, yoga self-defense keychain, Griffin grip, zap hike and strike, arms and ammunition, unbreakable umbrella u-115 walking stick and many more.


The following are some of the most popular martial arts for self-defense.


  • Kickboxing for Self Defense
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Self Defense
  • Muay Thai for Self Defense
  • Krav Maga for Self Defense
  • Taekwondo for Self Defense
  • Karate for Self Defense
  • Boxing for Self Defense


BananiVista, Self-defense

Take charge


Several institutes like DARE (Defence against rape and eve teasers) by Institute of Martial Science in Mumbai, Smile Foundation and Blank Noise work towards women self-defense awareness. Stressful situations evoke a fight, flight or freeze response. Self-defense skills prepare you to fight rather than freeze and such organizations are the place to learn how to put up an impressive fight against the attacker. Most of these organizations host workshops, road events and demonstrations to increase awareness about street violence.


Some Quick Tips & Tricks for Self-defense


1. Pretend to be submissive at first and fight back when the attacker is off-guard.
2. Stay fit enough to run fast.
3. Keep a check when walking on the road to avoid groping or chain-snatching from behind.
4. Keep your purse in your front and walk paying full attention around.
5. Try avoiding high-heeled footwear when you have to walk a long distance and in unknown territories.
6. Say out ‘STOP’ in a loud and aggressive voice when the need is but avoid using swear words or threats.


In nutshell,
Learning something new won’t do any harm so why not try to save ourselves from being harmed.


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