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Anil Kapoor Produces “Selection Day” Is All Set To Rule The Digital World

Netflix will introduce a family TV series- Selection Day-‘Choose who you become’ on 28 December 2018


I am certainly playing with a limited word count to give you a vivid insight on upcoming TV series, ‘Selection Day’, that’ll premier on the digital platform, Netflix (on the 28th Of December 2018). ‘Selection Day’ is an Anil Kapoor production, that’s based on Aravind Adiga’s novel. The tagline, ‘Choose who you become’, pretty much gives us an insight into the very crux of the plot. “Right from the time I have been involved in the creative field, it has always been about the plot. If the plot catches my fancy, I am totally up to produce the show.”, adds producer and ace Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor.

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The Plot

The scene opens to an ariel view of a village ‘Maidan’. Mohan Kumar’s (Played by Rajesh Tailang) sons are delivering their star performance at the game of cricket. His sons, Manju Kumar (Played by Mohammed Samad) and Radha Krishnan (played by Yash Dhoyle) are all set to witness athletic glory, as Mohan Kumar prepares the brothers for the ‘under nineteen Ranji Trophy Team in Mumbai’. The novel gives a graphic insight into Mohan Kumar’s impoverished finances. However, the same has been toned down in the Netflix TV series to suit audience sensibilities. Director Karan Boolani adds, “To some extent, new age film-makers don’t want to show India in the light of poverty. Honestly, we are gradually rising out of the impoverished state, and are more inclined towards development, so it becomes important for us filmmakers to show the truth.”

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The Characters

As we move onwards we learn from Rajesh Tailang, “My character is of that of a typical success obsessive father. I will go any length to ensure that I rid my sons of any shortcoming and correct their erroneous ways. I do this simply because typically I am imposing my dreams on my children not realizing they have dreams of their own.”


The twist

There is an interesting corporate twist to the film as well. However, Mohan Kumar doesn’t realize that he is pushing his sons in a corruptive labyrinth, where finances will overpower their potential, throwing their talent in the dirtbag.

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The plot …and onwards

Manju Kumar realizes that he isn’t as passionate about cricket as his father is. His inner voice (As represented by Shiv Pandit) in the TV series urges him to follow his passion. Shiv Pandit states, “That even though I play a very fantastical role in the TV series, my part is very crucial. I am the person who reminds audiences to listen to their inner voice. Though I play Manju’s inner voice here, I am becoming the medium for him to believe in himself”. According to Mohammed Samad, “India typically works like an industry that mass produces sportsmen. There are many who go against their will to prove their mettle to their family. Some are not even armed with the requisite talent. Luckily, for me, I have been really very fortunate to be able to take up what I like. I have been blessed with very supportive parents who are ever encouraging.” According to Yash Dhoyle, “Things are beginning to change, the turn around is very passive.”

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What if the series comes to an end?

The beauty of any family series is, that audiences start connecting with characters almost instantaneously. Karan Boolani adds, “With the setting in of the digital culture it is possible for onlookers to binge watch that typically aids in catalyzing this connection. It might interest one to learn that if audiences manage to strike chords with the characters, then the chances of exploring the plot heightens four folds. It could go well beyond the realms of the chosen manuscript.” According to Anil Kapoor, “The digital platform is a prolific medium where actors and writers are exposed to varied audiences, from different parts of the world.” The boon of getting into the digital spaces ensures instant responses in lieu of the created work.

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Selection Day is a very honest production addressing the issues faced by every growing teenager in almost every household. It is the teams’ small but genuine effort to compel people to change that mindset, and help them think out of the box.

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