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Runki Goswami Takes Indian Folk Songs On International Diaspora

Runki Goswami Takes Indian Folk Songs On International Diaspora


Time to clear the stage once again for the house of talent Ms. Runki Goswami, known for her Telegu compositions such as “Ni andelasandarilo” and “Teen maar beatulakki” and Hindi compositions “kabhie ajnabi thi” and “Ab naahichanda” and also bringing that nostalgia alive by singing Farida Khanum, Salil Choudhury, Geeta Dutt and various others.


Taking the talent baton forward and making India proud, the Gurugram-based Music Director and singer will now dazzle the music lovers with her spellbinding performance but this time on international stage.


With her controlled and mastered vocals, Runki will set up a majestic mood with her journey from north to south through a myriad of rustic folk songs of India in its original form; thus engaging the international audience in musical expression with multiple languages. 


The melodious singer Runki

The melodious singer Runki


Runki Goswami is a music director and a singer and is known for her contribution in Indian regional cinema. Belonging to a family of musicians, Runki is no exception as she has always been pursuing it since the age of 3 and promises to hold on it until her last breath.


Runki Goswami (Runki Laik maiden name) has been learning Hindustani Classical music since childhood and was exposed to stage performances since the age of six. After this followed numerous stage performances while representing her school in various competitions, AIR recordings and other private shows.


Bengali by birth, raised in Ranchi, her tryst with Indian Cinema started in 2013; in Hyderabad as a music director of a Telegu film Writer-Theadavaste Writer. Runki’s music got noticed due to the genre of melody she revisited which is now a passé in majority films. She then went on to sign a few more new banners for Telugu movies including Trivikraman. Her super hit composition Teen Maar Beatulakki is still a favorite with the rural mass in Telangana. Apart from films, Runki’s Bengali devotional album Debobeena and two other Hindi albums Manmarzian and Odhi Chunar Dhaani have been very well received by the audience.


Armed with an executive management from ISB Hyderabad and a Masters in Communication and Journalism, Runki is a heterogeneous mix of confidence, talent, self-discipline, and determination. Runki’s dedication to music along with working in a senior position in an MNC speaks of her passion and immense love for this art, which is otherwise no mean feat to keep up with. Currently residing in Delhi, Runki’s live stage performances in India Habitat center and Epicentre have been keeping the audience asking for more. There is a lot more than she promises to bring to her audience very soon. Runki believes music is the only way she can give back to the society and therefore allows all her shows to be non-ticketed without charging a penny for her performance.


She is an ideal example for all young talents who give up their talent for the corporate world. She truly is brilliant with her time management skills and enjoying the very best of both worlds.


“North to South” live folk music performance in over “10 languages” to be held in London


In the upcoming concert in Nehru Centre, India High Commission, London, Runki will celebrate Indian Folk in its original form. This is on the same lines for her folk performance in India International Centre New Delhi, which garnered huge applause leaving people asking for more. Given that a different dialect is spoken, a new belief and story told in every bend of a kilometer in India, Runki will try and relive some of those which are now either lying latent in the memories of the older generation or left un-nurtured by the new.


Runki at one of her performances

Runki at one of her performances


Runki has studied folk carefully and believes that folk is primarily authorless and is not about an individual, but people, their culture, lifestyle and belief system which is running through generations and prevalent till date. Moreover folk is not Bollywood which people need to know. Therefore this concert is a reflection of her effort to revive and keep true Indian folk music alive not only in India but also on the international platform. The recitals will be the mirror image of the unchanging legacy of different states, their culture, customs, beliefs, and faith. Runki will make sure that her music concert is just not about singing, but narrating the history and interpretation of every pastoral folk rendition accompanied by authentic instrumentals.


The upcoming live performance at India High Commission – Nehru Centre London on 30th May 2018, will surely be enchanting for all music lovers as Runki will musically hop in and out of Indian States with almost 20 folk songs in over 10 different languages.


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