Getting to know Ruchita Dar Shah, the founder of First Moms Club!

More about Ruchita and First Moms Club, one of the most successful mom groups on the Internet today


In this age of digital reach, moms rely a lot on the Internet looking for answers, suggestions, experience, etc. And, what better person to seek help from than another mom. We have seen many mom groups emerge over the years, but one of the most successful of them all is First Moms Club.  


BananiVista got this opportunity to interact with Ruchita Dar Shah and talk about her life and First Moms Club (FMC). 


Ruchita is an ex-advertising professional, graphic designer, and mom of two. She studied at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai before graduating in Graphic Designing from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. Ever since, she has worked with advertising agencies such as Preeti Vyas Giannetti, RK Swamy BBDO, and Mudra on various Indian and international brands. After quitting her job to look after her sons, Ruchita started a small group on Facebook for her friends who were also new mothers like her, to connect with each other over similar experiences and help and comfort one another. Much to her pleasant surprise, the group organically multiplied today having over 75,000 Indian moms across 60 countries in the community since it was first made in 2010. She is now most popularly known as the Admin and Chief Mommy Officer of First Moms Club with an active and vibrant network of Indian moms across the globe present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and it’s own native app, the First Moms Club App. 


Ruchita believes in

Ruchita believes in


BV: Tell Us Something About Ruchita Who Is Not A Mom- Maybe How Was Ruchita As A Teenager Or As A Daughter.

[Ruchita]: Ah! To know more about Ruchita as a teenager or daughter, you would have to ask my mother because I am pretty sure her answers and my answers would not match.


But I think personally I haven’t changed much, I still love people and hanging out with friends, love keeping myself busy, was always naughty (though now my kids are naughtier than me), loved reading, creating things and being positive.


Ruchita Dar Shah

Ruchita Dar Shah


BV: How Did FMC Happen? Was It Impromptu Or A Planned Endeavour?

[Ruchita]: FMC was completely accidental, started for my mommy friends and till today has only grown organically. I never imagined it would grow so big or grow into something I could ever imagine back when I started it many years ago. For the longest time, it was just a small intimate group of friends trying to figure out motherhood. Today its connecting more than 1 lac Indian mothers across 100 countries in the world through FB, our website, Instagram, our app and Twitter.


BV: What Were The Biggest Challenges You Had Faced When You Started And How Did You Overcome Them?

[Ruchita]: Honestly, I didn’t really face any challenges because when I started off there weren’t many groups or communities. The only thing I had to face was constant queries from friends and families on why do I do it ? or what is the agenda behind it? Some thought it was just a silly group of moms hanging out online. I just kept creating, sharing and running the community like I imagined and what I felt moms would want from a mommy community. I can be very stubborn like that, so I just do or continue doing what I feel is right or my instinct tells me.


BV: How Has FMC Impacted You Personally And Professionally?

[Ruchita]: I think professionally it has given me an identity that is unique and again something I never thought I would be known as in my wildest dreams. Personally, I have become far more patient, empathetic and it has definitely brought out the entrepreneurial side of my personality. I always knew I was a feminist but running the community and observing/reading so many stories of women up, close and personal, it makes me more of a feminist every day.


Also, I feel today my professional and personal life has kinda merged. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but I don’t know any other way. Because what I do professionally is so close to my heart.


Ruchita with her husband, Manish

Ruchita with her husband, Manish


BV: Of All The Laurels You Have Received For FMC, Which One Is Closet To Your Heart As A Mom?

[Ruchita]: Every time I get a thank you mail or even an FB message from a mother, who I may not know personally but is part of the FMC family and has benefitted from it makes me super happy. The fact that it has impacted someone’s life even in a small way, gives me happiness.


BV: How Do You Think FMC Has Influenced/Impacted/Supported Moms Across The Globe?

[Ruchita]: I try to keep it very real in the community and encourage the same from all the members of the community.


The idea is to spread the idea that Motherhood is not always hunky dory, not perfect and not rosy always. But its amazing and can be fun if you learn to let go, embrace the imperfections and learn to laugh and enjoy with your child. Sometimes in the pursuit of perfections, it may become a mother’s biggest burden and the idea is to lighten her mood. So even if 1 mom has learnt to let go and enjoyed this journey thanks to the community, I think our job is done 🙂 While most parenting platforms or websites may claim that they will make the parenting journey easy or simple. FMC makes no such claims, we understand that it’s never easy, it can be tough and we just want to be your friend who listens, shares your feelings and is there like a sounding board when you want to rave and rant about it.


Ruchita with her sons

Ruchita with her sons


BV: Where Do You See FMC In The Next Couple Of Years?

[Ruchita]: Ah! Doing many many things and like I said earlier I really don’t know what I might do next but I am constantly observing and listening to the moms. I take my cues from them and create or curate content around their needs. Connect more moms for sure 🙂


'Warm' is the word to describe her family

‘Warm’ is the word to describe her family


Rapid Fire


1) Describe your family with a phrase – WARM!

2) 3 words to describe FMC aptly. – FUNNY, SISTERHOOD, REAL

3) If not FMC, what would you have been doing?- GRAPHIC DESIGNER OR A HOME DÉCOR SHOP OWNER

4) One new thing you want to incorporate in FMC – THAT’S A SECRET!

5) A piece of advice for budding Mompreneurs. – BE PASSIONATE! LEARN TO SAY NO! FEEL LESS GUILTY! LEARN TO DELEGATE! (Honestly, these are the things that I keep reminding myself all the time) 


Ruchita and First Moms Club believe that only a happy mother can raise happy children, and the community on all its different platforms strives to offer support to the woman behind the mother, who needs to take care of herself, to make the early stages of parenting and childhood enjoyable and enriching for both mother and child.
Ruchita says

Ruchita says


BananiVista wishes you and FMC all the best for all your future endeavors and hopes you achieve whatever you strive for.

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